Any One ever use this instead of affiliate links ?

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This is probably not an original thought but was wanting some input on it.

While building traffic to a free membership site you write a ebook using the site to help with the info people are looking for. You then have a hungry audience that others would pay for to get in front of. Let them pay to have a direct link (paid advertising) in your book.
You can sell the book or give it away. Free Book would sure help to attract members. Either way it a win win win.

This puts you in the drivers instead of the passengers seat.

Any Warriors used this method with any success?
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    That is a great idea. The way that I have used free books in the past is just to drop affiliate links in the books and then give them away to my list or as an incentive on my blog.

    The thing is that a pdf is really easy for people to send out to others so even if you just email it to all your friends and tell them to send it to their firneds this could become viral really quick, I have often thought of this when I get those joke emails that have been forwarded to gangs of people a dozen times. You could also send to Twitter or Facebook.

    I have never tracked the links in my ebooks/reports though and I have just last month bought Mike Filsaimes Power Link Generator so now I can create links and track the traffic they are generating so I am looking forward to doing this more in the new year.

    You know sometimes with these kind of ideas it is really simple and then I hold back thinking that there has to be more to it but you have a nice easy idea there that you have to think would work well.

    So just a couple of questions. How many of these could you generate? How long should they be? How tight would the niche report ebook be? How much do you think you could charge the advertisers?

    Have a great Christmas getting these ideas into place.

    Watch as some guy is Blogging for Cash, Me on Twitter

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    How much could you charge the advertisers?
    I would think that that would depend on the niche. The one that I have been concentrating on is a big $ ticket item and with just one sale the advertiser could probably make his money back at the price I am thinking.Then you think of all the different angles it can go and the advertising you could sell on the site itself then the numbers can get large quick.

    The beauty is that the members to this site really need this and would be glad to pay for the ebook also. This made me think that I could give a smaller version of the ebook away to get their attention to click on your link and it would basically be a warm up for the larger ebook. The people that need this will know others so yes it could get viral.

    I think that there are alot of niches that this could work in.
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    Another great way to make it a "double viral" book is to have them go to a page from the link inside the book that has another gift on it.

    They would get the other gift when they do a "viral tweet" message for you.

    The other gift is another book that is free for them to give away.

    So, book A would send them to page with Twitter message they tweet to their Twitter followers.

    They get book B which is a book that they can giveaway. It too has a link back to book A.

    You can sell the Twitter message.

    Regardless of what the Twitter message is or who is "renting" it, you will always have a viral system in place that keeps growing.

    Instead of "selling" the space in the book you sell the Twitter message.

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    I havent been big on tweeting but it sounds like I am missing out on a lot by not being in there. Once I get my site built I will start tweeting about it.
    I am sure that I can also CB & CJ it also.

    Thanks for the thought.
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