My 300th Post - How This Forum Changed My Life

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Hello Warriors!!

I've never made a post like this and this will probably be the only time I do.

I felt like I should make this post because I don't know about your guys towns, friends, and family but this recession has really hurt everyone EXCEPT for me. If I could contribute one resource to my internet marketing success it would definitely be this forum.

In only 2 years I've literally been able to make what I consider a virtual EMPIRE. Not only that, I was able to take one of my best friend out of his dreaded corporate 9-5 and bring him on as a partner.

I literally consider my company the PROCTER AND GAMBLE of internet marketing - we research, create, and conquer literally every niche we enter.

You guys have no idea how good it feels for two guys under 25 to walk into a bank, setup an LLC, and pay yourselves month after month a great full time income.

When I first started I literally went through every thread on this forum to really understand how to market online, because in the end that's what REALLY matters.

Here's my top tips to anyone just getting started:

-LEARN how to SELL!! If you don't know how to sell you'll never be able to do this on a large scale!

-With every website you put online think to yourself "Would I buy this if I wasnt a marketer?" There's so many websites/products/niches I would put hours and hours into, make no sales and realize that it's just not a good niche! Do some serious thinking before you even enter a niche!!

-CONCENTRATED WORK - My partner and I each put in about 4-5 hours of CONCENTRATED work a day. Lock your bedroom or office door, put on headphones and do nothing but WORK. No e-mail, no AOL, no surfing.. WORK and great things will come!!

-CREATIVITY - You need to open your creative mind. Being creative = Lots of $$$ in this business

This forum has some amazing resources and I intend to contribute and learn more and more as the years go on.

In my honest opinion NOW is the best time to get involved in this business.. take control of your own future!

Thanks Warriors =)
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    Congratulations and thanks for sharing that. It is always nice to hear of someone who figured "IM" out and is doing well.

    "Learn how to sell" - would you expand on this? It would help a lot of people
    who still have not gotten things quite right yet.

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  • Profile picture of the author dean mcevoy
    well done.
    you should write a guide, if your worried about the workloud i can help.
    you know, taking credit, spending profits. that sort of thing hehe

    hey everyone
    feel free to give me a PM, even if its just to say hi. i always reply back, accept freind requests ect.

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