So will this be good?

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So I posted this thread earlier:

and since then I have made some changes to my page so now I am wondering if I am set now? Is my subscribe widget stick out enough?
And I dont know how to create a squeeze page yet so I have to do that soon. But why do you all think?
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    can someone atleast give me a little bit of in put.

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      ok, I would first get rid of that black background. Maybe it's my 40 year old eyes, but I found it diffucult to read.

      Second, add more visuals. Pictures, videos.. something... you don't need a visual aid on every single post, but I would try to sprinkle a few here and there.

      Also, Change the color of the title of your post so the the viewer can tell when a new subject begins.

      Hope that helps.

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        As stated above the background is kinda hard to read but then again my eyes arent that great either. Your subscribe button is place decently but it looks really tight and bundled together. I would space it out a bit.

        Good Luck!
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    Agree, either change your background or make the text larger. I've got lousy eyesight and it's really difficult to read as it's too small...
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    It's kind of late in a long day here, and I wouldn't do you justice if I tried to take a proper look at your site right now. From a brief glance though, it seems a bit 'fractured' to me. The 'saving money on gas' and 'saving money on food' posts look out of place in a 'making money online' blog, and I'd have thought they'd dilute your message as well as your keyword density.

    I think it could use something in the way of graphics too. You can say a lot with an image. Calendars on blogs have always mystified me - I've only ever wanted to know what was posted; I've never looked to see what was posted on a certain date - but I suppose they must have some merit because so many people use them. I'd ditch the calendar and put an affiliate banner of some kind there, as much to give the page a lift as anything else. It's very dark. The white text on the black background is not that easy to read either.

    Actually, getting back to the keyword density, I've just looked at one of the articles linked to from the homepage and I don't think dilution would hurt yours - it seemed to be being used a bit too liberally. This makes the writing sound very stilted, and I think you ought to tone it down a bit if you want real human readers that are going to hang around.

    I like the deep red colour though, especially the header image. I think it would look more appealing with a grey background instead of black, and a (larger) white text.

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