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    Good for you
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    Hi, I am happy for you.

    Do you have any tips on article writing? Headlines etc.

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    Well done Kory.

    Do try to document what you did and the next few steps too.

    Then in a few months you have a training product that you can either sell or just use for list building or to help others.

    Good luck
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    Wow, that's like a round 1 knockout. Congrats

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    That's great but don't stop there. I'm not trying to rain on your parade but sometimes sales are flukes. Keep doing what you have been and build it up. It's new so you want to improve traffic if possible.

    Keep building it up!

    Good for you.
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    That is soooo kool. I know how you feel. I like your mindset, "work 10 times harder."

    Please post in this thread if any more sales come in. And like someone said earlier. Take notes and be able to explain later how you did it.

    I've often thought that it might be wise to find some less popular CB items to lower the competition. I've done nothing with CB anyway but it's posts like yours that keep me interested...... someday

    George Wright
    "The first chapter sells the book; the last chapter sells the next book." Mickey Spillane
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      Hey, Kory, I think that is wonderful! Thank you for posting it. I didn't realize that GoArticles posted your articles right away. I thought you had to wait for approval at all the popular ones. Your first sales were so quick! Most people teach that the only quick thing is PPC, and some of us are not comfortable with PPC. What you did was to make your first profits without spending any money at all, and within a few hours from start to finish. You did not have to make a product or anything. If you can bump up the traffic, and do some more promoting, you might have a nice moneymaker on your hands. Kudos to you!

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