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Coming from AdWords, Yahoo's system seems completely retarded.

Say I want to bid on terms such as:

i need to lose weight
i want to lose weight
need to lose weight fast

But I DON'T want my ad appearing when someone searches for just "lose weight".

Well, the above terms - even when set to Standard Match - cause my ad to be shown when someone searches "lose weight".

Am I right that my only option here is to turn on Advanced Match and add things like "lose weight" as negatives?

I've had nothing but very bad experiences with Advanced Match in the past so I see that causing all sorts of new problems.

Am I missing something here?

Yahoo's site says that Standard Match "displays your ads for exact matches to your keywords, as well as for singular or plural variations and common misspellings."

How the heck is the phrase "lose weight" a singular, plural or common misspelling of the term "i need to lose weight fast" ?

Unless I'm missing something here, Yahoo is just ripping people off like crazy with the way this system works.

So how exactly do you get your ads to show for the terms you want, and not show for terms you don't want? Do you have to set everything to Advance match and then add 100s or 1000s of negative keywords? Even that is problematic because with the way their system works it seems like you can't even tell exactly which keyword triggered your ad??
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