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by John W.G. 5 replies
I recently switched from Aweber to GetResponse. Aweber had a great feature that you could set so that when someone subscribed to one list they would automatically be subscribed to another list if you wanted.

I emailed GetResponse to ask them how to do this and they said that it wasn't possible.

However I've heard that about other tasks from them.

So I'm wondering if anyone knows hot to set this up for a given list in GetResponse if it is possible by chance.

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    If you find out, let me know. I asked them the same thing and got the same response.

    I'm a big GR fan but that is a huge feature that is lacking.
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    Hey John,

    I've used both of the "BIG" two but maybe Kelvin Browns will do what you need. It's a solid AR service and he's running a WSO on it right now! He usually answers questions right away so why not ask him about placing subscribers into more than one list.

    Here's the link to the WSO


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    Giving this thread a bump...still looking for a way to do this if anyone knows.
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    OK friends, this may help ...

    You double opt in your prospects in the usual manner.

    Make sure you set GR to pass thru ("post/get" methods, in the campaign settings) the prospect's details to your final confirmation page 'after' they confirm their optin.

    Then you add a bit of php to your final confirmation or thank you page.

    This php code simply fires off an email on behalf of the prospect (by using his email in the From field) to the email addresses of each of the other lists you want him in. This all happens quietly behind the scenes on the final page.

    Remember that if someone has double opted into your list, then later when you drop him into another double optin list they don't get a confirmation request from GetResponse yet again - that's what GR state in their documentation anway, so don't hold me to that

    Have fun fellow Warriors
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    This *is* possible but I cant find the code now.

    In the control panel, when you goto build subscribers=>html form, there use to be an examples link and it had code to do it. For some reason, all examples are gone.

    The method required using one required campaign and then check boxes for others. Which could be made hidden.

    Sorry not much help...


    PS The method Sami mentions, will violate GR terms.
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