Advise? For my first site that could possibly be succesful

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Ok so some of you might have herd of the social networking site that allows you to make social networks

Well anyway about a month ago ( exactly 28 days ago ) i started my own social networking site and i just had some questions.

First off heres the website Gamer-book just by looking at it what could i do to make it look more appealing/ interesting

Second on the right side you will notice there are google ads well in order for me to start making money from those ads i have to pay Ning. Create your own social network for anything. 20 dollars a month so use that space on my ning page.

If im getting about 350 individual views on weekends and about 150 on weekdays do you think i could actually make that 20 dollars back or would i just end up loosing money.

Also do you guys have any ideas of how i could become more profitable from the site

- Eric

P.s. any suggestions just pm me

Also anyone who is good with css and would like to help for free let me no
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