What are 3 advices to a newbie?

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What are 3 advices to a newbie who wants to start an internet business.?
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    1. Hang out here to learn.
    2. Take action - you won't learn everything ever and won't learn the most important lessons until you do!
    3. Fail Fast - you will fail, so do it fast, learn from the failure and move on.
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      Use your real picture
      Use your real name
      Plan to create a real business

      "May I have ten thousand marbles, please?"

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        Originally Posted by avenuegirl View Post

        Use your real picture
        Use your real name
        Plan to create a real business
        I second this! Get for real!
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    Be a student of life
    Ask questions
    See to improve others lives with your own product or belief
    Good luck with your new journey
    Best regards,
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      1.Change your profile pic to your real one
      2.Use your Real Name for trust
      (Prob worth changing as you've got a new account)
      3. Never stop testing out your ideas....:rolleyes:
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    Do not EVER give up

    ETA: Also, your pic projects your professionalism...and yours looks kinda like a dead guy...just sayin'. I mean no offense, but....
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    choose one tactic and perfect it... outsource it... and then rinse and repeat for another... and another... and another
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    1. Understand it IS a business, and treat it like one. Not a hobby, not a "sounds neat", not an experiment - a business.

    2. Remember everything you post online (including here) creates an impression of who you are. Over time, those impressions add up and have a bigger impact on your success than most people realize.

    3. Be yourself, have fun, and laugh all the way to the virtual bank. This bit of advice is directly related to how well you follow the two tips above.

    All the best,

    "Ich bin en fuego!"
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      1. Find Out what you are passionate about.
      2. Start small and have patience.
      3. Learn About Marketing and SEO
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    1. Learn and keep learning
    2. Use what you've learned and apply it - most important thing is to take action
    3. Then replicate your success.
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    1. Brand Yourself, not your products
    2. Learn Video and Article Marketing
    3. Get a Mentor

    Only 3? Ughhh...

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    1st Rule: Don't turn people off. Your profile picture does just that.
    2nd Rule: See 1st Rule.
    3rd Rule: Uhm...get back to you on that
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      Originally Posted by kennethtang View Post

      1st Rule: Don't turn people off. Your profile picture does just that.
      2nd Rule: See 1st Rule.
      3rd Rule: Uhm...get back to you on that


      1) change your picture no one is going to take you seriously if you have that kind of photo.

      2) pick a topic you have a passion about buy a war room membership and get any and all info you can surrounding your chosen niche/passion.

      3) Apply what you learn throw up a squeeze page give away a free gift of value build a list
      don't start building a list until you have a foundation so you are able to provide content to your subscribers.

      As you become more comfortable create a product try to learn more and more every day and get a mentor if you don't have one.

      That is just a start.

      "As a man thinks in his heart so is he-Proverbs 23:7"
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    The only practical advice I would give you is TAKE ACTION. Once you take action, you will fail. Fail fast like ramprof said. Once you fail, you will be keen to learn new strategies and even correct your mistakes. You will test the new strategies out and see results. Some will work, some won't. Whichever works, you will rinse and repeat them. You will gain desired results. thereafter, you will learn new tactics and strategies to grow your business as result. You will implement these strategies and see results.

    What matters is only results.

    That's how you make money online. That's how everyone does here and everywhere.

    Good Luck!
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    Oh my god,

    This is the best question to ask hands down when you're new to Internet Marketing. I can tell that you're going to go far just by the questions that you're starting to ask. You're willing to learn, which is more than I could say for myself or others when I first started out. Here are the three main things (in my opinion) that you need to embed into your thinking when starting a career in Internet marketing:

    1) DO NOT get distracted. There are TONS of methods out there in the Internet marketing world and they all make money if you do them right, but honestly, if you learn about something you think will make money, stick with it for a month or two before you write it off. Internet Marketing forums are littered with people saying "I heard about this method and I tried it for 2 days and it didn't make me money". Don't get distracted.

    2) Ask questions! You're already doing that, so you're off to a great start.

    3) Don't be afraid to spend money once you've made a bit of cash. At a certain point, when you're spending 12 hours a day working on something that has been profitable for you consistently, if might be wiser to pay somebody to do that work for you and make a profit from it (aka, buying articles for 3 and making 5 off of them instead of writing them). SCALING and OUTSOURCING are two of the most potent business strategies and you'd be wise to use them down the line. ONLY USE THEM IF YOU'RE SURE YOU CAN MAKE MONEY WITH THE METHOD.

    That's all I've got. Best of luck to you and i congratulate you on entering a world of freedom. Never give up!



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    Try one thing and stick with it for at least 7 days. Article writing, product creation, etc.
    Join the War Room
    Keep going!
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    1. Use your real pic and real name to build Trust.

    2. Contribute and help people to build a Reputation. That way people will know who to turn to when help is needed.

    3. Treat IM like a business. Stick to one business model, learn something everyday, be consistent and most importantly take ACTION!!

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    Here you go...

    1. Publish articles that help consumers solve their problems.
    2. Build a mailing list.
    3. Do more listening than talking.

    Kind regards,
    Manuel Viloria
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      Take just a few days and learn everything you can.
      Pick a niche and start promoting it.
      Start writing articles.

      I put that last point in CAPS because that is the biggest mistake I made as a Newbie. I'm sure I lost thousands of dollars by not building a list early on.

      Confused about SEO? Facebook? Adwords? Send me a PM to apply for your free 30 minute consultation today!

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    1. Honest
    2. Planning
    3. Take action

    Make sure you take action!
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    1. Find someone successful
    2. Ask them how they did it
    3. Do what they did

    Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

    BS free SEO services, training and advice - SEO Point

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      Tip #1 Choose a business that peaks your interest and motivates you.

      Tip#2 Being new to marketing is very overwhelming and downright confusing so follow in someone elses footsteps. Learn and achieve from someone that you can trust and further more make sure you can understand this person. You cant follow what someone else is doing if that person doesnt make sense to you.

      Tip#3 Ask questions. The more questions you ask the more you will know. This is a great place to begin. Actually the only place to begin in my eyes

      Hope this helps
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    My 3 advice:
    1.dont buy any ebook before you browse a webmaster forum. You will find a good info for free
    2.Make your site content keyword-rich
    3.Try to pull an organic traffic instead of using ppc
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    1. Join the WarRoom
    2. Don't try every product that promises to make you rich - research everything.
    3. Keep your sense of humour.
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    1. Stay here to learn, it's cheaper.
    2. Don't be afraid to implement what your learn.
    3. Remain focused until you achieve your desired results.
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  • Profile picture of the author Steve Powers
    willing to succeed
    specific plan
    I think these three are the most important to a newbie who want to get a foot in IM.
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    1.Plan your buisness
    2.Build your list
    3.Offer Value
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    1. Build a list
    2. Build a list
    3. Build a list
    "He elicits the same kind of admiration one would feel for a streaker at Queen Victorias funeral."

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      1. Choose a business model that you enjoy and stay laser focused on it.

      2. Brand yourself and your business.

      3. Build a list.

      Anthony Arias

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    My 3 Advices:

    1)Sit down and think about what you WANT (Not what you think is "realistic", but what you want to Achieve...set up a GOAL)

    2)Auto-Suggestion (Everyday make it a habit to read successful quotes and successful biographies and books of successful people)

    3)The idea will come to you, and you take a hold of it, and follow through 100% with a BELIEF that it will work.
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    1. Be careful with information overload.
    2. Learn how to avoid scams.
    3. Don't believe anything, how others say, until you practically understand it.

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      Hi Chat2network

      My top 3 Tips for 2010

      1)Create a website with an optin box and build your list.
      2)Create articles and submit them to the article directories, one per day for 21 days
      3)Create a video and upload to Youtube promoting your site.

      Hope this helps and all the best for 2010...
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    Here's my contribution

    1. Before you buy anything online sleep on it first or at least go make yourself a coffee first whilst you think about it

    2. Have a business plan in place (Very important as it will help you to reach and deliver your goals)

    3. Always finish what you start. Biggest newbie mistake is to jump from one thing to another without actually finishing anything

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    Build pages and build links!
    Local Internet Marketing For Small Business
    - Do It Yourself Internet Marketing For Small Local Business

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    1.Don't waste all your time reading emails.
    2.Log the time your being productive so you can see this and outsource work which is keeping you back
    3.Plan today tomorrow (do 90 day plans)
    4.Don't blame others when you fail at first, hold yourself accountable. What could you have done to do things better.
    5.Join the warrior War room. You'll learn tons of info..
    6.Treat yourself after each milestone, make IM fun.

    But most of all Focus and take action today not tomorrow!!

    Good Luck

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    1.Pick a niche you are passionate about
    2. Get a mentor
    3.Be very,very PATIENT
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    Build a List
    Build a List
    Build a List

    "The Money is in the list" as they say. But it most be a list of buyers not people who want more free stuff.
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      1. Pick the tools you buy wisely - do some research
      2. Set Goals
      3. Focus on 1 step at a time
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  • Profile picture of the author David Mintzer
    I have to agree with the ones who said to change your picture. This is my honest opinion. You look hammered from a night out of partying. I am updating a new picture of me very soon with this great camera I purchased on the cheap. The key is to take action and learn from eachother. SDentreprenaur posts a lot of great topics on here and you can tweet him on twitter, or become a fan of his on facebook. The guy knows his stuff.

    Please read the sig file rules

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    1. Treat it like real business.
    2. Take action
    <BOLD> 3. Focus </BOLD>
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  • Profile picture of the author Colorado Deb
    Yep - the picture has to change.
    I love the advice here so far - it's all good. I would add that while you should invest in your education (follow someone who has done what you have done and knows how to successfully show others how to do it, get a legitimate support system, etc.), just look to the next logical step for your business. Too many of us, even when we buy courses and stuff that are effective and have solid information, end up buying things that are so far down the road from where our business is at that we either never use them, or we never take the next appropriate action in our business, since we are always distracted.
    Test and track your results from the start.
    Make sure there is a market for your product or service on the internet, you can find them, and they are willing to pay you for your product or service. THEN create the product or service.
    Best of everything!

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    • Profile picture of the author Barry Unruh
      1. Take Action Every Day to get your name, products, and sites in front of people.

      2. Choose one technique, or method, and stick with it until you master it and are making money with it.

      3. Join the War Room and use the search function to learn more about your chosen method, then take massive action.

      I intentionally put Action before learning, because you will quickly learn, almost everyone who is not succeeding forgot the most important part of the day, to Take Action, and actually get something out there.

      Stay away from trying multiple plans from a variety of people. Choose one style and go with it.

      My biggest hang up has always been the "keep learning" syndrome, so every morning I must remind myself to take action on something productive, not to just sit on forums all day, or watch the coolest new training video. (But of course, this post just did help me take action, because I just left a link to my services...)

      Only consistent focused action will get the job done.
      Brain Drained...Signature Coming Soon!
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    These are the three most important.

    1. Learn the fundamentals
    2. Work Hard
    3. Be Focused
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    1, This is a real business NOT a get quick rich scheme
    2, Join a group or a team, a community really works, when you can talk to someone else with the same mindset, this can be a lonely experience.
    3, Look for a mentor and look for FREE training team, its better to find out before you get involved in this business, try before you buy.
    4, DONT buy every product and ebook that comes out, learn the game and you will soon get the experience, and not get sucked in and waiste you money.
    More info on my blog.

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    Here are mine:

    - Choose a niche that you have some knowledge about or experience with
    - Write a short report on some aspect of it.
    - Give it away NOW.
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