Pelman Lesson 2 - FREE public domain material

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I'm still scanning in the Pelmanism course

I have lesson one and lesson two scanned in and you can download them at:
Mind Power Revealed

I'm trying to get the rest of it all scanned in this week. I know, I know, some people might think it is better to wait until it is all done and then tell the world. But I'm improving my focus and have learned that sometimes it is better to just leap -- and sometimes breaking something down into components is the only way to get started and keep on going. Besides I just finished a big project and am just waiting for a new e-book writing piece of work to come my way.
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    Thanks for this. I've been interested in checking out this material, but never got around to it.

    Best Regards,
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    Thanks actually does work. What I get a kick out of is in Lesson one they talk about the evening and setting out the chunks of time that the "student" can use and in that very aspect, there is a real wake up call -- at least for me. My evening too often was scrambled up in watching tv reruns. But taking a half hour to do my pelman things really refreshed me and oddly set me off on a different pattern of time usage that has radically changed my life.

    Ah, I digress.

    I'll have lesson three up tomorrow a.m.
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