How to make an opt in list?

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I have just started making my first Conduit Site, I want to make an opt in list to build an email list.
Are there any tools to do this?

Peter Nguyen
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    The best way is to start out with one of the best companies you can find. Aweber, GetResponse, EmailAces - those are three top autoresponder companies. They range from a few dollars/month to $19/month for Aweber. The key is that they make setting up a form for your site very simple, and most importantly, your emails to your list members will get delivered. That's a big part of this, because if you don't go with a top company, a bunch of your emails will never make it to your members' inbox. They'll get put in the spam folder or not even get in at all.

    aweber. com

    Best of luck,
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    I just started using aweber and found it very easy to use with templates and cut and paste html. Help guides also great.
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    In addition to getting the right email management system (either Aweber, GetResponse, EmailAces, etc). Keep in mind that the key to building an email list is to create value or curiosity for your visitors.

    I recommend creating a free report and sharing some valuable contents with your visitors. You want to position yourself as an expert in your niche and start building followers (a responsive list). Then keep building relationship with this list and you will see tons of opportunity before you (affiliate commissions, joint ventures, etc).
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    als good post. I agree with that as well. Provide them a reason to subscribe to your list. i.e. "7 day marketing course," or a niche related Free Report, etc as stated above.

    You can even use a technique to cut the reader short in your copy, forcing them to subscribe to get the rest of the information...example below.

    "Sally and Jake took a sharp left hand turn to avoid the surging winds when jake looked at Sally and to their disbelief...."
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