How Useful Is Unique Spun PLR To You In Your Bum Marketing?

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Hi Warriors that are article marketers and bum marketers. I'm hoping that you could help me out with a little research please.

Here goes...

If you could take an excellent 750 word article and turn it into 800 articles that have more than a 30% difference would that be useful to your bum marketing efforts?

If so, could you tell me why such a thing would be useful?

If not could you tell me why such a thing would not be useful?

Now, suppose such a package was offered and you thought it would be useful, would you purchase it if the buyers were unlimited or limited?

If unlimited, what number would be a good limit to entice you to purchase such a package of spun articles an at what price point?

Thank you to everyone who comments, negative or positive, there is still a lesson to be had.
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    I was hoping to get a response to this thread but I guess the silence either means no one finds the subject valuable or interesting or the title was not catchy enough?
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