What is the purpose of Directory Submitting?

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Ok, this may sound crazy or is an extreme newbie question, but what is the purpose of submitting to directories? The reason I ask is becuase I recently created two new websites and downloaded "Fast directory Submitter" and submitted them to 120 directories and they were all approved. I see no benefit to those submitions, thus far. Granted, its only been a few days, but when I set up a backlink it shows up quickly. I thought they would have counted as "Backlinks", but they don't appear there either. My website appears to still not indexed by Google, even though i have submitted a sitemap and the URL's to Google. I thought the purpose of directory submittions were to get the major search engines to crawl my website faster. Is this a pointless task or is there value in doing it?

I look forward to anyone's response.

Thank you,

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    Directories are purely for backlinks. No one really goes to directories for information. When you submit, use your main keyword as the title and keep it "short"
    Ie if your main keyword is "dog training" Do not make your title " The best place to get dog training tips" Keep it short and precise. Whether it gets approved is another matter.
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    OK... I went to www.linkdiagnosis.com and typed in my websites I submitted successfully to 120 directories and they show up nowhere. For these websites I haven't done any other backlinks yet because I wanted to test this directory thing. Any ideas why they don't show up anywhere?

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      It will take some time for all the backlinks to appear and if the directory is low page rank it might never appear. Instead of regular directories I would suggest you to use article directories, I think they are lot more beneficial than regular directories.
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    Directory submission is a bit dated in terms of building backlinks but I have first hand of experience of directory submissions improving website rankings but it does take time (about 2 -3 months) so be patient
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    I still do directory submissions every so often because it's always good to get new links from different IP addresses. I'm convinced it does make a difference, but it should only be a small part of your overall SEO strategy.
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    You should be using the article marketing directories. And use the most popular ones like EzineArticles.com and GoArticles.com. Also, it's going to take a while for your articles to get indexed and listed. And if your page rank is low, you might have to wait even longer. And remember that the search engines consider the page rank of the page where your link appears in deciding how to rank and list your page.
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