Where can i find good niches?

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I was thinking about creating some ebooks of my own, i was just thinking how i can go about find good healthly markets to hit with my ebook creations?
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    Markets are typically easy to locate, the more challenging part is uncovering a desire or demand within that marketplace and position your solution correctly within that demand.

    To find your markets, you simply want to see an organization of profits around a certain group of people such as...

    1. People who want to lose weight
    2 People who want to manage stress
    3. People who want to make money
    4. People who want to learn how to show dogs (or other pets)
    5. People who want to get into organic farming
    6. People who want to get more dates
    7. People who want to live longer
    8. People who want to overcome a current pain (ailment such as arthritis, planters warts, indigestion, etc...)

    Just to mention a few...

    Now, the ideal situation is that you focus on a group where you have some initial knowledge and experience to help.

    In any case, quickly move from looking for markets to watching what is selling into these markets - every existing information or non-fiction product targets a desired outcome - so monitor what is selling on Amazon, Clickbank marketplace, eBay, Commission Junction, and from within your chosen market then ask yourself "What is the desired outcome that product is promising?" Once you discover the desired outcome with proven buying power, you can focus on how to improve or provide a different path to help your audience reach that desired outcome.

    Sounds tricky, but once you get the hang of thinking in terms of desired outcomes and a path to get to that desired outcome, it becomes pretty simple.

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      another way to go along with what has already been mentioned is using keyword triggers that will expose what people are searching for daily

      keyword triggers like "how to" entered in keyword tools it always surprises me what people are looking for from month to month

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        Recently, I purchased a product about good niches and it explained me the most profitable niche markets that have high adsense yields and high pay per lead value. You can get that product here : http://redhotniches.com/

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          Visit your local bookstore with a digital camera in hand, take a snapshot of all the magazines found (so you can remember).

          1: Go home and type in broad key phrase for each hobby. You will find a few that have no Google ads whatsoever but all organic listing.

          2. If a magazine exists, it means there is a profitable niche, now Google "niche PLR" and locate an ebook for that niche with Zero adwords competition.

          3. Go get graphics done for your new ebook, upload your new product onto a new domain.

          4. Start sending adwords to your new ebook. Send 1000 clicks at 0.05 cents (or whatever it might cost).

          5. If you were pricing your new ebook at $20, and 2% converted from those 1000 clicks, you just made $400 sale from $50 adwords campaign = $350 net.

          6. Start contacting fellow Warrior ghostwriters and have them write 10-30 250 words articles and also start submittimg those to article directory.

          7. From the second month, hopefully your organic listing starts working and you profit from both adwords and article marketing.

          There are so many niches with virtually no adwords competitions. If you can find those, these become goldmine. But make sure there is magazine exists for that niche though.

          Conventional wisdom is go after niches with many adwords competitions and sell more of them. I like going after niches that are proven popular by locating a magazine first but no adwords competition (there are many).

          Once you locate that niche, adwords will become your best friend.

          Automate it after you get one done, rinse and repeat!
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