Redirect or new domain name?

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If I create a domain: and redirect it to will it have the same strength?

With the same amount/type of links will rank as high as

I am trying to reduce my ftp accounts and have multiple page sites instead of new sites with just one keyword.

Are there hosting accounts with unlimited ftp accounts - or even as many ftps as domain names?
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    whilst I don't know about the redirect stuff I have discovered something recently about my own ftp accounts that I didn't realise before.

    I have a managed server with 1and1 and I originally thought that I could only get ftp access to the whole server, which was a problem if i wanted to give someone else access to just one of my websites. Anyway, I discovered that I can set ftp access for each domain through the control panel. So now I can restrict ftp access per site instead of letting someone have ftp access to my whole server.

    If that would suit you, see if your own isp does the same or check out 1and1.
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    My opinion is to have a domain if you can get it. Just in case someone will type the keyphrase and get to site. Noone will type domain/keyphrase to search for a product. There are hosting packages will allow unlimit domains at a higher cost. Of course, each domain although cheap, still mounts up, if no income from them.
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    I have done both. But I try to buy a domain name that is suitable to my niche. Now you may want snatch up some domain names and redirect them to your main domain but I find the problem with that is you have to try to drive traffic to all you url's instead of just having to worry about one. You would have to maintain a good management system to maintain your website url's.
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    Nowadays, that is not a simple answer. It depends on many things, such as how many pages link to it, how well the SEO is, how long a user spends on the page, etc, etc.

    So, answer is, it depends.
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    You should put a link to on . It should work fine.

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