Is there “phonetic spelling” or “spell check off” speech recognition software?

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Is there “phonetic spelling”/ “spell check off” speech recognition software?

I’m trying to find speech recognition software that will type exaclty what is said and not run a spell check or guess what is being said. In other words the software world directly trans late the sounds to letters or words with out correcting the spelling or guessing the the word might be.

This would be used for people that might have a stutter or heavy accent.

Any suggestions or ideas would be greatly appricated.

Thank you, Tony.
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    FORGET IT! Technically, that isn't possible. Without some kind of filter, you will get a LOT of garbage! Speech programs use a best fit type algorithm. BESIDES, HOW do you type the K sound? Q? K? CH? As one statement said, GHOTI Could spell FISH!


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