Round 1, Wordpress whupped me

by Ricter 1 replies
Here's the recap:

Installed it to my new site (thank you, John Yeo), no sweat.
Entered my first blog entry evar!
I upload and install a theme, again, no sweat.
Next day, I get prompted to update WP.
I follow the (quick version) directions.
Error messages, can't find me as a user. No sweat, I figure that out.
Updated version of WP loads, there's my first entry, AND
What the HE** is this "Text Link Ads" box front and center on MY blog?
How do I get rid of it?
Look through the WP panel, through the modules, looking for the insertion. Can't find it.
Search Google for "uninstall" TLA.
Find nothing but applause for TLA.
Uninstall WP! I'm rolling back to the old version.

How can I make Round 2 go better, please? I like WP.
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    think you gotta get rid of it via the html coding for the theme
    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[138236].message }}

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