Would you drop everything if opportunity was knocking at your door?

by Michael Mayo 10 replies
Hi Warriors,

If you had the opportunity to work and learn from a couple of the Biggest
Names in IM, would you drop everything your doing so that you remain
focused on their project/teachings or would you continue with what you
already have going on and try very hard to do/learn everything you could
from them?

I may have this very chance and would like to here your comments.

Oh, Sorry I can't tell you who these people are right now because we are
still discussing it.

Have a Great Day!
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    The first question is,

    "Would you be happy using their business model?"

    There are some big names who I would drop everything for and others I would just say "Pass".

    The second question.

    "Why should you drop everything? Can you not fit your business into their training?" You don't ask, you don't get.

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      Hi Martin,

      Thanks for the reply!

      I'm sure that I would be Happy with their business model as it matches
      one of my own.

      I don't believe I would have to drop everything although, It's some times
      easier to start from scratch than to try and repair what you already have
      depending on it's complexity.

      I could fit my business into their training. I'm sure that if I was to put
      more time into studying their successful methods that it could help me in
      to grow my business in the future.

      I thought I would ask Warriors this question to see how they would react
      to a opportunity like this one.

      Thanks again for the reply,
      Have a Great Day!
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      • Profile picture of the author Neil Morgan
        Hi Michael

        I have such an opportunity and believe me, I'm dropping everything (well, most things!).

        I'll qualify that by saying it fits into my existing plans so whatever happens, I'm covered.



        Easy email marketing automation without moving your lists.

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    Wow, all I can say is wow!
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    I was provided a similar opportunity and although things looked good on the surface, it quickly became apparent the ship was sinking once I got on the inside and my job was to try to save it while juggling multiple back-logged tasks and a slew of customer complaints (and even lawsuit threats).

    That's not to say it's the case for you... just to provide a word of caution that you should really look into things with a fine-toothed comb before dropping your business to help someone else with theirs.

    Don't take their word for it -- "I'm friends with < insert guru >, < insert guru > and < insert guru > and they're just waiting to promote this project -- and dig around, even contact the guru about them to verify what they're saying is true.

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      If you don't have to drop everything in order to work with them, and you want to work with them...hire a capable assistant.
      "You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want."
      ~ Zig Ziglar
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    Eric Louviere and I were talking about this just the other night. He feels like a lot of people fail to become successful because they don't focus on one thing and get good at it. They tend to try a little of this and a little of that.

    I agree with that but I also think most failures come from not putting things into action and not sticking with it.

    I have seen a lot of people learn how to do stuff and never do it because they are looking for the "next big thing" to come along that will make them money.

    So, I guess the answer to your question would be that working with top names in the business would be good ONLY if you are going to do what they teach you. If a person is an implementer, they can go a long way!

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      Maybe not dropping everything but just scooting it aside for a minute. You might not have this opportunity again and you may even be able to implement some of your new knowledge when you are able to pick what you are working on now back up.
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        Michael, you have been doing this much longer than I. I can tell you this, I recently lost several thousand dollars on one of the top guru's products. They had descent info, but severe high pressure sales tactics. When all was said and done, the support system and training methods were garbage. If your making money now, don'tdrop it,especially if this oppertunity is going to cost you anything.
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          Hello Warriors,

          Thanks for all the feed back!

          I'll take what you have said into consideration before I take the leap.

          I have researched the subject some an feel that it's a legit offer.

          I won't give up everything I have to do this and They aren't requiring me
          to pay for anything.

          Thanks again,
          Have a Great Day!
          PS, Chris, I couldn't find the Skype request???
          Sure you sent it to "me"?...lol
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