What software can help me rewrite article content?

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I am looking for software that can help me rewrite article content. I have a 500 word article that I would like change and make 30% different from the main one.

My goal is to submit my first article to ezinearticles and then the one I change 30% to my site as a blog post later. Will google see that these 2 are similar and only show the one over at ezinearticles? Or since it will be 30% different that will be enough to be called a original and new article. I know a lot of talk on here is to submit articles to your our site first which is why I bring up the 30% change and if it will help. I want to post 20 articles for my site but want to auto post them like once or twice a month. So my site looks like its getting updated normally instead of just I day it has 20 articles and then nothing else.

Right now I use WorldFlood but I want something a lot better. This doesnt have spellcheck and it sometimes closes and I lose everything I have done. I want a software that doesn't create new articles unless I provide enough variations.

For example lets say I want 5 more articles that are all 30% different from each other. One for my site and then 4 more to other article directories. Does anyone know of any software that only makes variations of 30% different articles only if you supplied enough words? Lets say you haven't and you want a total of 5 articles and it wont make them because you haven't supplied enough words to spin 5 more articles to be 30% different from each other.
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    magic article rewriter has got rave reviews, ive never used it though so i can't speak from first hand knowledge...
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    There are many software on internet which is able to rewrite the content but i strongly believe that this method and this method works for me:

    Step1: Take Article
    Step2: Open Google Translate

    Copy Your Orginal Text into Text box

    And Translate it into Like this

    English to Spanish

    Spanish to German

    German to French

    French to English

    Now Copy the Article which is translated and then Paste into Word Document

    search for google for Dupefree Pro Softwares ( Free Version)

    Install it

    u will have two boxes one is for Orginal Article and rewritten article

    Put orginal on first box and rewritten one second box

    and then hit Compare Article on the Down side it will shows how much dupe content is there in the above article and then it highlights the words in red color if you able to remove those words with suitable words then u are ready to have unique article not rewritten article

    Hope this Helps
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    I got an email a few days ago about The Best Spinner

    It's free and in beta.

    I watched the video and it looks very easy and powerful. Check it out.
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      Thanks for pointing out Magic Article Rewriter and The Best Spinner. Both seem good but they don't give me any information on how much the new articles they create are unique. Like how much is the first spun article with the original. Or even how much is spun article number 3 different from spun article number 2. I am not looking for something that just gives me 100's of articles. I only want 5 new articles and each of them being 30% unique from each other and the original. Maybe a program like that doesn't exist?
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        You might want to try www articletoolchest com the free version is good to me.
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          I've been using magic article rewriter for a while and it works really well. Power article rewrite is another option. If you want hands off, try humanrewriter.com. They do good work, but you'll have to pay for it. They do offer a free trial of $5.00 for WF members if I'm not mistaken.
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      Originally Posted by OMI View Post

      I got an email a few days ago about The Best Spinner

      It's free and in beta.

      I watched the video and it looks very easy and powerful. Check it out.
      It is no longer in beta & is quite costly.
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    1st, better to be 70% unique... 30% the same. 2nd for only 5 articles, better to just re write them. with 5 unique articles, why not use The Rich Jerk's tools and make a hundred 70% unique articles and use Big Mike's article submitter for sticky back links?

    Just an Idea

    Besides, you can put up an article at Article Productions that goes live in seconds and can be on Google's 1 page in minutes? (That's James' site)
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    I agree with dogscout. I never liked spinning articles. I thought it to be a waste of time and money. Most spinners spit out garbage. Not so with Article Productions rewriter. Check it out. Itcosts nothing to have a look. I am an affiliate, but you can find it on the web.


    FYI: I wrote an article the subject Rewriting Articles - Why Should You?
    A Blog for Newbie Affiliates, Article Writers
    and Article Marketers.
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      Hey C A Perez, thanks for the info on Article Productions Rewriter.

      My issue is that I did a google search for it and came up with nothing.

      Can you give me a link to it?

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    It seems to me that any automated rewriter will not provide you with the quality you get while doing it manually. I've tried several and I never got an article that couldn't be identified by Copyscape as the unique one. And I believe Google thinks the same.
    So you just spend you time and money in vain.

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    Santhoshseo gave some great advice. I usually try and stay away from 'spinning' software because most of the time it doesn't rewrite the article the correct way. It ends up not making sense after it has been put through the program.
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    If you concentrate on what you are doing when you spin the article, you will have perfectly good results.

    I take some spun articles at random after spinning and compare them to the original and to other spun copies with DupeFree Pro, a free article comparison tool, to check how unique they are. It also will take 5 random complete sentences from the article and check them against the 3 major search engines for duplication online.

    There are several free spinning services to be found online. It is nicer to have software on your machine but they tend to cost about $80 for anything decent.
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    I'm working on a human content rewriting service you might like: Content Rewriters - ContentRewriters.com
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    Before I give you my advice, I want to warn you against spinning your wheels in the spinning maniac.

    There is no need for, or any good reason to spin your article into 2 - 5 versions. If you are in need for that amount of unique version of your article, it is better and quicker to write those articles from scratch.

    If you really want to rewrite your article, don't use an automatic rewriting software for changing some random words.

    At best you will get a result between 18% - 22% uniqueness, and that is not good enough for the search engines to recognize your new version of the article as unique.

    If you change more words to raise the uniqueness score, the article will not make sense to the reader, and please tell me the point of submitting any content to the net if nobody reads it?

    In my opinion, there is only one reason for spinning an article into many versions, and that is to make sure that the search engines recognize it as unique content, so every version of my article will count as a unique backlink to my site, and in the same time still be a good read for the human.

    The only way, I know of, to do this properly is to rewrite each paragraph of your article into 3 versions manually, and then use one of the spinning software to combine those paragraphs.

    If you top this with a moderate word spinning, you will probably reach the 70% uniqueness level.

    This is a time consuming task but still time saving if you are looking for 50 +++ different version of your article.

    Hope this advice makes sense for you.

    Kindly regards,

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    I sent you a PM.
    A Blog for Newbie Affiliates, Article Writers
    and Article Marketers.
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      I use Mass Article Creator.
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    i use Sebastian Kohl's Power Article Rewriter - nice easy interface and does a great job at spinning coherent articles that actually make sense. I don't know if it's still available now though - you'd have to search - but worth it.
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    ODA Marketing,

    I'm in total agreement with you. It is unfortunate that many writers, especially newer ones, think that an article spinner will free them of the need to rewrite their articles. They don't understand that uniqueness is a function of the total changes made to an article whether it be words, sentences, or paragraphs.

    I wrote a short article to help explain some of the basics to newbies: Article Spinning - What You Should Know

    I hope it helped.

    A Blog for Newbie Affiliates, Article Writers
    and Article Marketers.
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    Have you had a look at spinprofit.com? I've used it a few times and it should do what you want.
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