Why does Google do this to me?

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Every couple of days, my site with www will drop dramatically in rank, and my site without www will move up to about the same spot the other was ranking. Now its to the point where both versions of the url will get to page 2 in google, so how do I know where to focus my backlinking to push on to page 1? Is there anything I can do to keep one ranking more consistantly?
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    Not really sure what you're asking. Do you mean the ranking of your domain name? Is your domain name the keyword phrase you are trying to rank for?


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      First of all, the www is pretty much redundant now.

      Secondly, are you creating backlinks for yourself? If so, be consistent with your URL. Use www or don't, because if you haven't signed up for WMT and told Google what your preference is, you are ranking www against the non www, and that's counterproductive.

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    You really should do a htaccess redirect from one to the other (either www to non-www or vice-versa). That way Google only indexes your homepage once instead of twice and counting it as 2 separate pages.
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    Use www only when creating links. It's the most common and most likely what other people will use when they link to yout site.

    Like the others said be consisten with it.

    Also I agree with simnspur. Make a htaccess auto redircet from the domain without the www to the domain with the www

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    That's what people call the Google dance. It happens to everybody and is completely natural. Google does this, when it is not sure where to put the site imo.
    Time of thinking is over.
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      Ok I went into cpanel and redirected one to the other. Is this the correct way to do this? Also Im assuming that since my url with www has nearly triple the backlinks as the url without www, that should be the one I redirected to.
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