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Does anyone know how hard it would be to develop a plugin for wordpress that would add a conduit style page to a post or conduit elements within a post?

If someone can whip this up, I'll buy in a flash. I'd really like to add conduit site elements to my existing blog themes instead of using a custom theme.

Much love,
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    I have one in development which should be done in about a week. Please PM me if you'd like to see a demo.
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    Hey David - why don't you put up a project on RAC or elance; I'm sure someone there can whip that up into a WP plugin in no time.
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      Can you explain the terms 'conduit style page' and 'conduit elements'

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        Originally Posted by NewBeing View Post

        Can you explain the terms 'conduit style page' and 'conduit elements'

        It has to do with building review sites, as opposed to "Pitch Pages".

        Targeting keywords specifically toward the customer's "Purchase Phase" of the search process.

        IE; "SO and SO product, Does it really work?"

        As they are now within the "conduit" of the sales process.

        Curious, engaged, enthused, excited, searching for more info, ready to buy.

        Just my own words, and own opinion.

        I think there is a detailed WSO that explains this method well, as this is just a general description.

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    I thought about putting it up on RAC, but I was hoping someone might have one already done. If I eventually can't find one up to my specs I probobly will go the RAC route.

    Much love,
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      I developed one for my personal use, it has built-in link cloaker, 5-star admin/user rating, SEO optimized, widget ready. I might sell it as WSO in the near future. For those who want to take a look PM me.

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    Ideally I'd like to be able to plug something just like this into an existing page or have the ability to create a stand alone page like this within any theme.

    Site example - Rolex Yachtmaster (Gold, Yellow) Review
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    Personally when I hear of conduit sites I immediately think of Chris Rempel. You should check out VIP Confessions - The Essentials Package

    It doesn't get any better than that.
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      The link I posted is a template Chris sells. I just want it as a plugin to use with my own themes.

      Much love,
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    With the right theme, using html within a post, and as a post layout as well, is effective. Not exactly what you're looking for, but then again the type of format you're asking for doesn't always have a wordpress specific benefit anyhow.

    You could just build an html/css review page, host it on your server, and insert it into your blog by creating a page, post, link, whatever... linking to it.

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    I don't think you can accomplish "conduit" site style just with plugin, you'll need a theme.

    How about install a 2nd WP blog in a sub folder, then use his VIP Essential wp theme on that blog?


    Lose Weight

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      [quote=gchai;142551]I don't think you can accomplish "conduit" site style just with plugin, you'll need a theme. [quote]

      I would have to agree all you need is a theme. I had a custom theme designed for me and I use it for all my niche sites that I promote as an affiliate.

      People who run review style sites are making it way too complicated with all the fancy plug-ins and themes, site structure, and all that kind of stuff.

      All you need is one good theme, and you don't even have to write reviews with all the rating stars and feedback to make them lethal.

      Frank Bruno
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    Yeah, I actually have it as a theme.

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    The reason why I'm looking for a plugin is becuase I don't want a conduit site, but a conduit page within a site. Different types of pages for different types of traffic and keywords.

    Much love,
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    WP Review Site, unlike ReviewsPress or any of the other stuff based on my own open source review plugin (SB Review, ReviewsPress, Ratings Dominator, etc are all derivative works of it), can automatically add star ratings to all the comment forms of your posts or pages without editing your theme. That means it works with your existing theme or any of the thousands of free themes available for WordPress.

    You can of course fill out the comment form of your own blog with a different name to add the ratings/reviews you collect around the web, as well as collect authentic new reviews from your visitors.

    The WSO with warrior discount is in my signature.
    Improvely: Built to track, test and optimize your marketing.

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      Hey, Dan I was looking at your plugin earlier and was checking out the documentation on actually using it with an existing theme. It's over my head, do you know of any folks who could create a specific page for the review layout that could be used with an existing theme?

      Much love,
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    Hi Dave,

    I'm running a WSO showing how you can modify any wordpress theme to work with SB_Review plugin. Check out my sig for detail.

    Fairuz Talib
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    The best ''one stop solution'' that I can think of is: www.niche-dominator-com
    Pls check it out. The capabilities which Cam Forbes has brought in for every aspiring web publisher through this ND offering is incredible.
    Hope this helps.
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    I can recommend Dan's WP Review Site plugin, bought it a few days ago and it's really easy to use and does a great job.

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    Hi Dave,

    Why don't you go to Google and do a search for that and see who is selling this type of thing.

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    Thanks everyone for the feedback. Al the review plugins looks good but what I want is to display is more then just a bunch of stars along with a review. If anyone can help me set up a page with a review page using Dans plugin or something else along with formatting for other information that belongs on a conduit page let me know.

    I know Chris's wordpress theme used the more fields plugin, anyone know how I would use that to set up a custom page within my theme to do what I'm trying to accomplish?

    Much love,
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    If you're even half capable of maneuvering around Wordpress, than you should have no problem using it to create static web pages and accomplish your "conduit site" end result. Use a basic 1 or 2 column theme and you're off to the races.

    Create pages/sub pages instead of categories. Create a page with the slug "home" and you now have a static site.
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