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Hello all helpful Warriors,

Would love some feedback on offering a conversion service for Kindle. As a book publisher, I've converted a number of our titles for the Kindle format. Now I wonder if a WSO might be worthwhile.

Here are some benefits that I see, and wonder if I am missing anything for the sales letter:
1. Use your plr content to sell on Kindle.
2. Convert you ebooks and ereports to Kindle.
3. Convert public domain works to Kindle.
4. Get fast turnaround of files ready to upload to Amazon.
5. Receive can't-beat low prices.

Thanks for you feedback, and Happy New Year.

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    There's lots of information about this subject over on the kindle forum boards. In fact I was reviewing this very subject just a couple of days ago. It seems the "going rate" for such a conversion was about $50.

    However, the real issue is what the final format is priced and sold for. That's a wickedly hot topic and one that had me pacing around trying to decide if it makes sense to get into the kindle market.

    Hint ... the price point for kindle ebooks is really low. If you want to get people to buy your stuff then you are really looking at sub $10. In fact, the popular pricing about now is $1.99 !

    Fascinating stuff for sure.
    James Burchill ~ Bestselling Author & Coursepreneur
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      Thanks much for the quick feedback. For sure the $1.99 as you point out is a common price for many Kindle titles. But at that price, you need to sell 25 to break even if the conversion fee is $50. I'm thinking that we could offer a per-page fee. So a 32-pager might cost less than $15.

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    Sounds good to me, but there used to be some restrictions for people outside the US. Is this still the case?

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      Actually I wrote to the support group and got a really nice email about using the system as an "International" provider. Yes you can I'll see about digging out the email and perhaps post excerpts in this thread.

      Here's the email:


      Hello James,

      Thank you for contacting CreateSpace regarding your upcoming project.

      CreateSpace welcomes international members, and our service provides an excellent way to sell your titles.

      International members have the option to set up a US bank account or create an account with an international bank that maintains an active branch within the US. Any member with a US bank account may receive direct deposit payments for their royalties. This service is free.

      All international members who do not have a US bank account will receive their royalty payments in a check mailed to the payee address listed in the Royalty Payment Information section of their account.

      In order to proceed through the proofing process, it is not necessary to enter a Tax Identification Number (TIN). However, the "Payee Information" and "Business Type" must be filled out in the "Royalty Payment Information" section of your Member account before you can approve your proof.

      When you deem necessary, you may provide a TIN number and a W-8BEN form to take advantage of any tax treaty established between your country and the United States. For more information regarding setting up an international member account, please visit the link below:

      Members who have not submitted a completed W8 will have up to 30% deducted from their monthly royalty payment.

      When you are ready to move forward with your title, please refer to the link below that will direct you to our checklist. This link will guide you through the process of becoming a member and setting up your title. Additionally, it will provide you with a time line that will assist you in gauging the length of our process:

      If you have any additional questions regarding CreateSpace services, please send us a follow-up support request using the link below:

      We greatly appreciate your support request and please feel free to contact us with any further questions or concerns that you may have.

      If you need more help with this issue, click here:

      Best Regards,

      CreateSpace Support


      Hope this helps!
      James Burchill ~ Bestselling Author & Coursepreneur
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      Originally Posted by rondo View Post

      Sounds good to me, but there used to be some restrictions for people outside the US. Is this still the case?

      Andrew, one solution (or just a practical alternative) is to use us or any American Publisher to release your books.
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    Just posted the email I got from CreateSpace support. I hope it helps.

    And here is the URL to the main kindle forum:
    James Burchill ~ Bestselling Author & Coursepreneur
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    Thanks for taking the time.
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    Thanks James, I realize Createspace does cater to international authors. However, in the case of Kindle ebooks they refer authors back to dtp.Amazon which does not seem to cater to international authors. It's all a bit confusing really.

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    Did I read it right that you get 35% royalty of the sales price from Amazon?

    Anybody getting any good volume of sales??

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