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I need help working out how much I am likely to pay Amazon if I host some videos with them. Let us say that I have 5 videos, each about 3GB and they will be viewed 20 times each per month - what would go in the input boxes under "storage" at the following calculator:

JavaScript-based Amazon Web Services Simple Monthly Calculator

I basically don't know what the following means:

Data Transfer-in:
Data Transfer-out:
PUT/LIST Requests:
Other Requests:

Your help would be appreciated.
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    You pay Amazon for a couple different things with S3:

    1) You pay for the amount of files you are storing there. So if you have 5 files that a 3gb each, you pay for 15gb per month, because that's how much space you are taking up on their server.

    2) You pay for the bandwidth. Bandwidth in would be what you upload - 15g one time, presumably. Bandwidth out would be every time someone watches the video. So if you have 20 views, 5 files, 3gb each you're looking at 20 x 5 x 3 = 300 gb.

    3) Put/List requests are basically when you are loading things into the system. You can pick a pretty low number here. You won't end up paying for anything in your scenario it sounds like. It's mostly for people that are loading up a lot of files.

    4) Other requests would be gets and stuff like that. Again, the numbers you are talking about I don't think would cost any money. These requests cost a penny for a thousand or something similar.

    I punched these numbers into the calculator and came up with just over $50/mo. (1000 of each request cost a total of $.01, so I wouldn't worry about that).
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    Thanks, man. Appreciate your time and help.


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