Does this forum auto delete my previous posts if i am inactive for a period of time?

by puti1 5 replies
I have not log in to this forum for quite a while and was surprised to know that my previous posts were not around any more. Is there a rule that says that all posts will be purged if a member has been inactive for a period of time?

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    Have you checked the 'old' forum. Your posts may well be there.

    The Warrior Forum

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    The Warrior forum has changed. The old forum is still up so check your posts there.
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    To answer your question, no, posts are not automatically deleted .

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      It wouldn't make sense for your posts to be deleted, especially if Warriors have added their comments. Most threads offer valuable information. It makes no difference whether the initial poster has logged on recently or has become inactive. I would guess, however, that at some point old threads will be archived to free up space on the forum.

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