Don't get conned

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The old warrior forum is still available and you can use it check up on offers, people's backgrounds and generally a great place to do your due dilligence.

The WarriorPlus is a great place to check on old wso's as well. Remember to type in the username and then select ALL and you will see all their wso.

Some people think that it is good to have inflation running at 100% on offers they had on the old forum. Check if you really think an offer is in less than a month worth 100% more than on the old forum.

If you look on the new forum, you will often see names answering all the posts. The question you should be asking is why? And are they actually giving anything valuable to the forum with their responses.

What is their hidden agenda, because often they have a hidden agenda. Just because we have a new forum, doesn't mean we are new members. Look up their profile on the old forum, see the type of questions they were asking there, and how much their post count has risen in this new forum.

Don't get caught believing that the person must know a lot because of their post count, post count means one thing and one thing only. The person has posted a lot.

Often you will find them asking many questions without giving answers. They will then regurgitate the answers trying to make themselves look like an expert.

Whatever you do, keep yourself safe, and don't get conned online.
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    Very sound advice!

    It is difficult to ascertain scammers online and offline.

    It is very sad that people try to pull things over on others.

    I did not realize that people were inflating WSO's. I hold on to the fact that there are Warriors here that have been here for quite sometime who care about this forum are tight nit and will weed out the junk.

    And 9-10 times I would assume that they know whats going on and
    can quickly determine who's legit and who's not!

    People who think that they can get past the wisdom of the more experienced and veterans will eventually learn the hard way I suppose.

    Some times circumstances can cloud the vision of the bigger picture for people. Maybe they are low on cash, maybe they don't care or perhaps they have tunnel vision.

    We need never forget the bigger picture,,,and that is success and good fortune is not always based on the sales you get or the amount of money you pull in....but rather the amount of great relationships you build, the network you cultivate and the mindset you have.

    A solid foundation deep rooted with good relationships will prove far more successful in the end vs. a shallow offer that will eventually crumble and fall apart.

    Warm Regards,
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      I should also say that some have create a profile here which has given them a different name.

      I doubt if a man's surname would have changed in the last few days unless of course he never existed with that name in the past.
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      Nice advice Bev,

      I compeletly agree with the number of posts theory.. a person can have couple of thousands posts or even just a couple of hundred that doesn't make him/her an expert.

      Here we must have some other criteria to asertian the credibility of someone... Rep power is there but even that can't define hidden agenda's of someone ...

      I wonder what could be the tool if there is any to determine what is someone thinking, or what is going through someone's mind " if there was any, we would have seen it in 007 movie ;-) but i guess there isn't any.

      I don't believe in itraders or feedback theory too .. they help to certian extend but again you can never be too sure ....

      Just do your research that is again a good advice , do you research and then make any deal don't just go on giving your personal details or paying someone out of the blue... and based on post count... I wonder who does that

      my 2 cents .....

      Cheeeeeeeeeeers / Tirmizi
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        Hi Bev,

        Nice post. This is some information I would not have thought of. I'm sure many have not thought of the changes like this between the forums.

        I suppose it is part of doing the due diligence for anything we want. I know there are still people who would like to scam others and really don't think anything of it.

        This is one of the reasons I don't just go through and buy anything that is put up on the wso forum. I am reading a lot and I am getting to know some of the people who are old timers on this and the other forum and pretty much listen to what they have to say.

        I also belong to several other forums and see folks on those that are here and that helps to separate everything.

        I agree with you that a person can backtrack and see the difference in how some people are doing things.

        Get information on growing older and healthier.

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