Is Article Marketing Overrated? Pt 2

by Mark-Dickenson 6 replies

I think that other thread, which was a very good one, got burried somewhere...but I wanted to show you some proof on why I think it is over rated...and maybe if someone has some suggestions as to how I can improve, I am open to that as well

So I am on the first page of google for the keyword "sedona Method" which gets about 9000+ searches per month in quotes...not worried about exposing my niche as it took a while to get on page 1

I probably only get about 3 click throughs per day. I don't think my resource box sucks as I am offering the FREE DVD and not going on about who I am and all that stuff as people want to know what's in if for me

I actually built my first NMOC site on this product...and I got more sales from simply blogging and pinging than I did this article. It was actually just a practice site and I came back 2 weeks later to check my commissions and I made $100

I then closed down that site because I wasn't retired living in a mansion on the beach in two weeks like all of those sales letters promised(Not the NMOC one to be fair)..what a jack*ss! lol

Anyhow, at least for me, unless my article writing just sucks, that article really was not worth my time writing...I find other methods more profitable

Any thoughts on this?

Thanks in advance

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  • Profile picture of the author Loren Woirhaye
    I don't always do this when I write articles - you CAN add
    subheadings in different sections so people can scan for
    the information they want.

    You got ranked on page. 1 of Google for this article... so you
    should have some good visibility.

    Your article however looks daunting to read with all those dense
    paragraphs and no headings.

    The writing is also dryly enthusiastic - sort of droning like a lecture.

    You have some punctuation issues. Some of the sentences are
    longer than they need to be... maybe not run-ons but long-winded

    Your first paragraph doesn't get me very excited about reading the
    rest of it.

    Here's a somewhat cheeky rewrite of paragraph 1:

    "Even before the hit movie "the Secret" came out The Sedona
    Method was transforming lives. As soon as I saw the movie
    I wanted to know all about the Sedona Method myself. What
    I learned floored me - ordinary people really were achieving
    phenomenal growth in the lives - they were getting richer,
    thinner, better looking, developing magical powers, mastering
    Kung Fu in 7 days, and even getting famous. "

    Do you see how that works? Even though it gets silly it gives
    the reader something to get excited about.

    Good luck. Hope this helps.
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    • Profile picture of the author Seattle Mike
      You kind of conclude your article, there is no hook to click and get the dvd.

      Your resource box should end your article with something else they need to see right now.

      Take one of the biggest benefits and say " The most important aspect for success requires...BENEFIT... learn how in this free dvd. Quantities are limited."
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      • Profile picture of the author Steven Wagenheim
        Mark, it doesn't work for everybody. That's the truth. It works very well for
        me. I earn over $67,000 a year from my articles. I'm the cheapest SOB on
        the planet and most of my marketing is through articles.

        I don't know what else I can say other than what I just said. It's not for
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      • Profile picture of the author Bazbo
        I'm far from being an expert, but I think you should be quite pleased that this article is getting 3 click throughs a day. It's been up since January 11, and it's now almost October. So it's been up for about 250 days or so. And it's been read 3700 times. Very few articles ever achieve those kinds of numbers from what I've seen on EZA. That means you're averaging 12 readers a day over the life of the article, which gives you a 25% CTR, which is pretty darn good from what I understand. And since most articles "fade" as time passes, you probably averaged quite a bit higher than 12 readers a day at the beginning, and you're probably averaging quite a bit fewer than 12 now, while still getting 3 clicks a day. Which means that your CTR is probably a lot higher than 25%. It seems to me the article is working fine. Now you just need to write about 50 more articles on the Sedona Method. IMO your problem isn't that your article is performing poorly. It's that you need lots and lots of articles to see any significant traffic from article marketing.
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  • Profile picture of the author Mark-Dickenson
    thanks for the suggestions everyone...I will go back and implement

    Yeah, it may not be for me...and thats ok...there are other good ways to profit as well

    Thanks again

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  • Profile picture of the author Daniel E Taylor
    Of course it's overrated. Does it work? of course it
    does, if used properly in conjuction with your business.

    Far too often when someone comes on here and
    says "I want to start on online business" people tell
    them "start writing articles".

    Article writing is going to build your business or provide
    much leverage for you in the future.

    When you FOCUS on article writing you are taking
    time away from other MORE VALUABLE things you
    need to be doing to build your business.


    Self Actualization is one's true purpose. Everything
    else is an illusion.

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    • Profile picture of the author Bazbo
      I see my math is off. You're actually averaging about 15 readers a day over the life of the article. But you're probably not getting that many views per day now, after 9 months. So your CTR is still pretty good.
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