Alternatives for Google Adsense

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I was wondering how many of you are using Google Adsense.
And what are good alternatives when I want to stay away from Adsense?


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    Putting up clickbank products is my alternative to Google Adsense. When I started last year, I was focused on Adsense but Clickbank is more profitable if you have a targeted traffic.
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    After a little "misunderstanding" with the folks at Google*, I turned to Yahoo Publisher Network. Lower click-through for some reason, but per-click seems much higher. Either way, I make enough to cover my expenses plus a little left over with zero work.

    * I got on the wrong side of someone who was scraping my articles, and they click-frauded me right out of the Adsense program. Even though I did nothing wrong, Google still called me a risk to their advertisers and kicked me out.
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