Where do you get freelancers for site design from?

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I am not a developer by any means. I however am now in a pickle. I am trying to get a designer/developer to unique a theme/create a new theme for me according to my image of the site.

Unfortunately, every freelancer I have currently talked to has said they were going to do it for $XXX, and then changed the number to $YYY. I have used Odesk and Scriptlance so far, and will be trying Guru and GetAFreelancer soon.

Are there any other sites out there I can try to use? Does anyone have a suggestion or a company that offers affordable rates?
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    You can try the Warriors For Hire Section. Plenty of talented people here.
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    contact me and tell me what you want and what $xxxxxxxxxx (sorrry $xxx) you want to pay. If accept it, I'll stick to the agreement.
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    Originally Posted by allthesp View Post

    Unfortunately, every freelancer I have currently talked to has said they were going to do it for , and then changed the number to .
    It is entirely possible, after further consultation that the job (which might appear simple to begin with) ends up being more complicated than first thought - hence the revised quote.

    I'm not saying this is the case, but it's a possibility.

    If you're finding that everybody comes back with a revised quote, try
    clarifying your specifications more - be as specific as possible - the
    more information the freelancer has up-front, the more accurate their
    quote will be.

    Hope this helps.
    eCoverNinja - Sales Page Graphics & Layout Specialist
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    Google "psd to html" and "psd to wp"

    You will find many services who are pretty affordable who will code and integrate your design into html or Wordpress (or whatever you cms you wish)
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    Karl gives good advice above.

    You need to be as specific and detailed as possible in your project outline and if there is subsequently something you require that was not in your outline then you should expect to pay more for it.

    It's a good idea to take some time to really think about your exact requirements and create a good project outline before going to the outsourcer.
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    Absolutely the best way to get an accurate quote is very detailed job description beforehand. I've taken on far too many jobs only to have the buyer then start adding this and adding that ... none of them in the original project description. Then they just get pissed when you tell them if they want additional work, it will cost additional money.
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    Yes Karl does give some good advice there. Also you will want to speak with this person over the phone. This is a must in my book. Either Skype or Phone.

    Also you will want to consider the time zone they are in.

    Is that going to effect the communication that you will ultimately have.

    These are all things that you must take into consideration when hiring someone.

    I would also suggest using sites like http://elance.com and http://guru.com

    The cool thing about some of these sites is you can also see how many jobs any one company or individual has completed for the year or so... Very good information to have. Read the past customer feedback and more... Do your Due Dilligence before you make your ultimate decision on who to hire.

    Patience is a virture!

    Also, Make sure that they read back to you what it is you want them to accomplish.

    Be very specific.

    Keep it simple...

    hope this helps...

    Have a AWESOME Day!
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    I got them from friend referrals. People I meet at seminars or etc. Probably someone here want to share their designers? Elance is the best way to go. Kinda trial and error thingy. Good luck.
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    I have used odesk, and a few other services.

    My best guy...who I still use came from a classified at dp.

    I think he is on here.

    You always pay more to work with a firm that does it.

    Hiring individuals directly is a lot cheaper. But there are more risks involved. The truth is with my current guy I lucked out.

    I am still looking for a company that can give me a good price with quality work. If you know of one let me know. I am doing way to much work now.

    I am getting real good at evaluating people now. (after multiple mistakes)

    I am not here to sell anyone, anything.I am here to learn and to help others.
    That is all.
    Detach from outcomes and you own the world.

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      Thanks Karl, however I would say the project description is pretty good.

      For example, it includes every page design along with every application on each page. My issue is when they place a bid simply to get my attention, effectively wasting my time as well as theirs.

      I have looked at the Warriors for Hire section and contacted a few people; unfortunately their response takes many days.

      The last time I used Elance (from a high ranking provider) they requested a $500 upfront and promised the project would be finished within a week. After a month the provider said he was going on vacation and admitted he hadn't started the project yet. I tried to open a dispute on Elance which was nearly impossible.

      I like the suggestion for Digitalpoint. I will also send the above poster a message and hope for the best.
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        In that case it sounds like you've had a rough ride...

        Let me know your spec (by PM), if I can help, I will... I won't charge through the Earth - and I'll make sure you're kept informed throughout. If I can't help, I probably know someone who can - I've been around these parts a while and know most of the freelancers on WF.

        Kindest regards,
        eCoverNinja - Sales Page Graphics & Layout Specialist
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    Contact this guy - corywatilo.com. He's great at blog/theme design and coding.
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