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Just wondering how you guys learned how to mess with html coding and how to make custom heads that look good. I like using wordpress but copying and pasting themes is getting old and I would like to learn how to make a full blown website and how to make a nice landing page ect.. any tips for a noobie.
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    I learned by reading tutorials only and a lot of practice If you want to learn HTML, try w3schools.com

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    They only way to get it is to get your hands dirty. The reference provided is excellent. At some point, you will have to get comfortable with a graphics program or outsource the creation of your graphics. I use Paint Shop Pro for graphics.

    Make sure to pick the right tool to modify/create HTML pages. I use DreamWeaver and UltraEdit. I'm sure someone will provide additional resources soon.
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    Hey CD

    If you have time to burn you could learn html/CSS/JavaScript/PHP,Photoshop/Dreamweaver etc and then spend day and night messing with this stuff.

    Take it from an experienced techy ... marketing always wins, hands down, over programming or design.

    You could get some real experts to do the techy and design stuff for very little money but you can't get an expert or otherwise to do your marketing for you, coz...

    ... if they could market and sell well, they'd do it for themselves, right? Right.

    BUT it is good to learn some of the basics so you can talk intelligently to your techies and web designers and so you don't get ripped off.

    Where do you find these people?

    You get them for almost nothing at places like: elance.com, guru.com, rentacoder.com, scriptlance.com, and many more. They'll bid each other DOWN to get your $50 project!

    By the way that's what you might end up getting for techy and design skills if you focus your development in that area! Not a nice prospect.

    Where can you learn the basics?

    All of the design and technical skills can be found online for free or you get ebooks and videos on them all for a tiny outlay. Just do a search.

    For example, try: PHP VIDEO TUTORIALS FOR WEB DESIGNERS for php programming vids etc,

    oh and the same guy has beautiful free web templates at Webshapes - FREE Website Templates.

    ... there isn't even an optin!

    Good luck
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    I learnt by using Mozilla Composer - but I had to pay quite a bit to buy a course to teach me. Just learn the very basics so you can instruct a competent web designer and save yourself a LOT of time!
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    I learned when sometime around 1995 I had a website built for me and then got into the source box, took it apart bit by bit, and reproduced it as a new site. There is nothing like doing it as a learning curve.

    There are also some excellent programs to show you the finer bits and pieces. Just google what you want info on and it usually comes up, in zillicate.
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    Get dreamweaver or front page and start playing with them. The more time you spend using the software the more your will learn and can apply. It takes time so be patient and don't give up after an hour. Doing a google search can usually answer any question you have about basic coding.
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    I learned HTML by using Dreamweaver - and now I use a combo of Dreamweaver and XSite Pro.

    If you want some lessons look for it on youtube.
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    I personally hand code everything I build.. I do not use any html editor and have no interest in using them as most of the time the html code is not always correct or browser friendly.

    The best thing for you to do is get ahold of some html templates and start learning what the code does. Using an editor will not really teach you effective html, it may do alot of work for you but to learn it yourself the best thing to do is work with html templates in SimpleText (notpad for windows)

    This is similar to what Norma did which is the best way to learn.

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