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Happy new year Warriors,advice is sought.
I havent posted for a long time but have been reading the forum regularly,this to me is the year to really take action,dabbled a bit about six months ago with affilliate stuff in the "make money online" niche which I know is one of the most difficult to conquer,the people I was selling for where getting their lists full through me and I didnt make a bean,will not mention the system,dont want a lible case on my hands

So now i have researched a few things,read some systems and am ready to go into action again,have a couple of niches close to me personally which I want to start affilliating before I produce some of my own products,the advice I am looking for is how to successfully get traffic by setting up opt-in lists through auto-responders and getting good paying customers.

Basically I am looking at this as a first-timer and would like to share the knowledge of those who have been succesful.
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    To build a list you need some sort of gift/bait. Of course, a lot of affiliate programs do have some rebrandable guides or similar for you to use.

    You can also start with something PLR and modify it with personal experiences, etc. (and of course, translate it into English if it is like many things out there).

    Be active in forums related to the niches, and offer good content and value, don't push your stuff. You can put it in your signature file.

    Write articles for Ezine articles dot com and other sites. Offer your free guide in the about the author field. (The good sites don't let you promote affiliate links directly, so another reason to create your own gift item.

    Of course, you must have keyword domain blogs for your niche, and post to them often.

    Comment on other blogs in the niche, giving good comments and not self promoting.

    If you want to give a rough idea of your niche, there might be more specific advice. Rough meaning health, fitness, dog training, etc.

    Is this stuff you already know, or what you are looking for?

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      You can use yahoo answers to get yourself some good traffic too depending on what kind of niche your going after. Craigslist can also bring you some decent traffic as well. The main thing you need to have though is a well converting squeeze page if your going to go the list building route.
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      Originally Posted by thmark View Post


      Is this stuff you already know, or what you are looking for?

      Most of the niches I have had personal dealings with and am quite knowledgeable of the subjects but where I have failed before is the list building and conversions,I do have a full-time job but am looking to make extra cash with a view sacking my boss in the future,I am confident I can do it but lack of knowledge and success last time put me off so I have taken time out to assess my options
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    well that is a big question to answer, if you want "Good paying customers" then you must have something of value to sell to them. I would recommend building a relationship with the list before you start promoting affiliate products. You can do this by providing results related the niche your thinking about going in to them in advanced.

    Get traffic --> Build a List --> Build a Relationship & Rapport -->Then try to sell something.

    The key is to become a trusted source of information to your list. By providing them with results in advanced you are showing them that you know what your talking about and should be listed to.
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    The traffic question is a bit chicken and egg....

    IMHO one of the best ways to find out ways to get others on your list is think about how you ended up on the lists you're currently on...

    For me that's usually a combination of:

    - Buying a product
    - Reading blog posts and surfing from blog to blog
    - Endorsed emails (or adswaps)
    - Marketers with good reputations
    - Through forums.

    Articles work as does SEO but I can't think of too many IM niche lists I've ended up on through either. Appreciate other niches will be different.

    I said chicken and egg because the best way to get traffic is to employ an army of affiliates but that needs a product. That, I think, it the best way to get traffic without having to worry about traffic. Just worry about keeping the affiliats happy.

    Good luck
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