Hidding Url From Visitors?

by Dennis Cheesman 1 replies

Anyone know the code to hide the url from visitors?

I used this code I found like this:

onMouseOver="window.status='This is what shows in the browser!'; return true;" onMouseOut="window.status=''; return true;"
It simi works in IE but not in FF at all..

So anyone know of code that will work in IE and FF?

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    Can't be done in Firefox unless the visitor has expressly allowed it in their Config.

    Changing Status Text

    This is the old method. This uses the window.status property to show a different URL to the user. Simple and easy method - but it rarely works now a days. This method has been abused by malicious sites a lot - so most browsers have disable this option. In Firefox, you can find that option at Tools -> Preferences -> Content -> Enable Javascript(click on the 'Advanced' Button) -> Change status bar text. If that's checked, you can use window.status to change the status bar text. But its disabled by default.
    But if you still want to use this method(not recommended), this is how to do it...
    <a href="click_counter.php?redirect_to=Google" 
    	onmouseover="window.status='Google';return true;" 
    	onmouseout="window.status='';">Go To Google</a>

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