Is There Any Web Audio Generators That Aren't Ripoffs?

by Daniel E Taylor 7 replies
I like the idea of calling in and being able to
copy and paste my audio.

That's what I want to do.

I signed up for the webaudiogenerator crap and
found out they charge 15 cents per minute on
top of the 30 bucks a month.

What the hell is that about.

Anyone know of any other services that aren't
stupid like that?

Daniel The God
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    wouldn't it be just as easy to hook a mic up to your computer and record then cut and paste?

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    Another is


    Kelvin Brown

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      Originally Posted by Kelvin Brown View Post

      Another is

      Do you have an affiliate link. I'm about to sign up righ tnow. Just
      got off the phone with them. Looks good. Exactly what I'm looking for.

      Don't knwo about that bullshit Rick is pulling with that UNADVERTISED 15cents per minute


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    I've always used Audio Generator - Streaming Audio Service (created by Armand Morin)
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  • Daniel the God?

    I like it.

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      Is that like Slaine the Horned God? :p


      Ive heard good things about Sonic Memo. Don't know if that's the sort of thing you're looking for.

      I think there's a "Lite" version available for free and the "full" version is about a hundred bucks.

      Anyone use that?

      Is that what you're after Daniel?
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    I also just record it using my mic and I use this software that converts the MP3 to flash so I just copy and paste the HTML code it generates on my sites. It's a slick software and no monthly charges.
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