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So I just read today that GoToMyPC is available for Mac, but it costs $20 per month. I am aware of this product because Tim Ferriss mentions how great it is in his book, 4HWW.

Here's a FREE alternative

Basically, on the blog where GoToMyPC was mentioned, a bunch of commenters said "hey, LogMeIn is free and just as good".

Wow. I can REALLY use something like this and I though I'd share it to see what other Mac users think.

I'd LOVE to be able to control my home Mac (which I use for business) when I'm not at home.
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    Oh nice!

    It has both a PC and a Mac version, so people with Windows can use it too.

    I have a Mac and have been wondering where I can get something like that.
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    Very nice find!!
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    I use VNC. It's free for all platforms (Mac, Windows, UNIX, etc.) So I can access all of my computers from one program which makes it nice. It also has a built in Java interface for Web access if needed.

    There are many variations of VNC but I currently use RealVNC. There is a free & paid version.
    RealVNC - RealVNC remote control software

    Accessing all my computers (I have about 5 total running at any given time) from a single laptop or netbook application is very handy.
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    Thanks for information. Always looking for mac related stuff.
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    Update: I installed LogMeIn last night. Super easy. It seems there is no "app" you need to launch once it is installed. Just power your computer on, make sure it is online, and presto. I was at another PC today (not at home) and I logged into my Macbook in the living room. I had iTunes play the song that my wife and I danced to at our wedding (she was at home, but not in the room). I typed her a little messagein the Text editor so she'd know it was me. I thought it would be romantic She said I freaked her right out and to never do that again!! Hilarious.

    Anyway, I love the software.
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