FREE Roller Coaster Rides at the IM Fairground!

by John Hillage 3 replies
Hi everyone thought I would try out this fun title to see if anyone else goes thru such frequent ups and downs in their IM career.

I seem to spend half my life either somersaulting thru the lounge after making good sales, "cracking" the latest html puzzle or pulling off a cool JV deal ... or kicking my desk, swearing at my computer screen and beating my computer mouse up when my blog goes down, hackers get into my site or the whole damned computer stops working!

This week my blog mysteriously deleted the last post, my email stopped working and I lost some data (on the down side) ... but on the upside my new product launch is finally up and ready to go AND I got invited to speak at a prestigious Internet Marketing event in London this weekend.

This pattern of up's and down's has been a pretty much constant of my IM career - and I wondered if this huge Rollercoaster ride was something that others went thru too on a VERY regular basis.

I'd love to know how common this experience is.


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    It's what makes it so much fun, no?...

    I seem to go through the same exact pattern John...

    Glad I'm not the only one...I'm just too darn arrogant to ever bang my head too hard..



    Bare Murkage.........

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    Just me and you then Jay - maybe it's a UK thing!
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  • I seem to experience less of a roller coaster and more of long slides. Slide up for a few months, slide down for a few, every now and then I get a breakthrough, every now and then something collapses (knock on wood).

    That sounds like business for anyone though.

    I've found out that reliable outsourcing can smooth out those valleys, but that can be a science in itself.

    Money isn't real, George. It doesn't matter. It only seems like it does.

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