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I realize this is a broad topic but there's ridiculous amounts of info out there and I don't know how much of it is legit and how much of it is pure scam. I've heard the 4HWW recommended so I'm going out to check it out at the library today.

Basically. I'm 20 years old and I realize I'm in one of the best countries in the world where hard work can equal success. Right now I'm working with autistic kids and I love it and it's gonna help me save up enough to finish college but I realize that any job I get after college still isn't going to let me do what I love most a lot = travel.

So... I want to see what's out there online. Right now I'm doing some MLM but I'm struggling because I'm having to get over some shyness and get past this idea that I'm trying to "take advantage of people" when I'm trying to close a sale. It has massive potential but I want something else too.


It must be:

- Rewarded by skill-level. None of that "getting a raise when you've worked 6 months".

- Accessible online. This is important because well, I want to be able to travel.

- At least somewhat profitable initially. I really, really want to make this trip out to Thailand with some friends in January/February but to do that would mean quitting my current job which means that by then I'd need to be making at least a decent amount of money from this one source of income (decent would be $1500/month).

- Low risk. For obvious reasons I must be able to feed myself. I simply can't afford to take massive risks financially right now.

These are the main requirements, I'm willing to spend MASSIVE amounts of time online to reach the goal I'm after and I'm sure that I have what it takes. I'm not looking for get rich quick scheme by any means here.
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    Hey you have the right idea on making money with mlm. Its a great business to get into if you want here is a link to my website. I am involved with a brand new company called genewize life sciences. Check it out and let me know what you think.
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