How Often Do You Say Thank You?

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Hi everyone,

I know people knock it a lot but watching The Secret dvd truly changed my life forever - every single facet of it.

One thing I apply to my internet marketing is an "attitude of gratitude".

Every single time I receive an email notifying me of a commission I say thank you and I really mean it.

I also try to assist people free of charge whenever they have a question too.

Every morning to work I walk up the homeless man named who hundreds of people walk by without noticing - and I give him some gold coins...and he says I always make him smile (but not just for the money he assures me :O)

and then I was absolutely thrilled to bits this week when he told me he has just been approved to move into a flat worth $350 per week for only $66 a week. i was truly so happy for him that I had tears in my eyes...the other time was when he showed me photos of his ex wife and three young kids - and a whole heaps of thoughts and questions came rushing through my head about how this happens and what his children would think of him living on the street...and where are his family members etc...

Homeless people is a topic dear to my heart. I truly believe in a country like Australia just like in the US no-one should be homeless. it's dear to my heart when years ago my first husband left me when i was 8 months pregnant and I had another child to support with no family of my own...and no income.

Homelessness is something that could so easily have happened to me if everyone had turned their backs. Gratefully my friends didn't.

So I remember this all very well - getting charities to help pay my electricity and getting food vouchers for the supermarket for me and my kids...and us living on 2 minute noodles for quite a while....and my best friend turning up one day on my doorstep with three bags of groceries...and every single day I promise you I am very very grateful for the kindnesses that have been bestowed on me and they will never be forgotten.

So how many times a day do you say thank you?

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    That is my biggest secret.

    I say thank you for 10 minutes a day in the morning, 10 at night.

    And multiple times during the day.

    It's a habit.
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  • I just did
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      I say thank you all the time. In so many ways, publicly and privately.

      Even though we are still hard up on money, hubby and I still buy extra canned goods and toiletries to give back to the local Christian Crisis Center who helped us when we were a few days from homelessness and had no food last year. I do a lot of free web work for friends because I know they don't have the knowledge or the money to pay for the work and it helps them with their projects.

      It certainly doesn't hurt to say thank you ... it does a world of good sooner or later for you. And you don't just "say" it, but "mean" it too.

      Good topic!
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