Does Anybody Have A Mint?

by Steven Wagenheim 5 replies
Guy walks into a doctor's office and sits down. After a few minutes, one of
the patients in the waiting room asks, "Anybody have a mint?"

The guy who last walked in and sat down says, "I have some" and hands the
patient a mint. The other guy takes it, puts it in his mouth and says, "Wow,
these are REALLY good. What are they?"

The first guy shows him the roll of mints. Soon other people in the office are
asking what the mints are, so the guy with the mints starts passing them

Out of the 8 other people in the office, 6 of them went out and bought
their own rolls of these mints.

If only they had an affiliate program.

There's lots of ways to sell affiliate products and I'm not going to say that
one way is better than another, but every affiliate product that I promote
is done through reviews of the product and personal recommendations as
to their quality.

Unlike mints, I can't hand out these products for free, but I can sufficiently
attest to their quality with a personal recommendation.

Sure, this don't work for everything. I can't test acne creams at my age,
but for things that I can test, such as products that show methods for
making money, I can show my results.

Point is, you're going to have a better chance of selling something if you
can add a personal element to the pitch, again, depending on the niche
and the product.

So if you can take advantage of this type of promotion, you might want to
at least test it out and see if it works for you. If not, you can always go
back to sending people directly to the sales page.
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    thanks for sharing..

    nothing to see here.

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    That's good stuff Steven. Nice metaphor.

    And it reminds me of an issue that I'm having with a couple of hungry niches in which I am an expert, but have a hard time thinking of selling into those communities. Terry Crim tried to get me to work through it, but I got stubborn. Fat lot of good that did me!

    Thanks for the food for thought. Time to revisit.

    100% atrocity-free! No annihilations, assasinations, explosions, killers, crushers, massacres, bombs, skyrockets or nukes.

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    this is great! thanks

    Live NYC shows on RealityBedroom

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    Nice metaphor too Steve,

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      I have to admit I was waiting for a punchline.

      Great advice as usual. Thanks.

      "you got to keep fighting, keep believing and never give up in order to succeed"
      Tim Gorman

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