Can someone help me with a subscribe button?

by shano 3 replies
I want to put a one-click subscribe button on a page that I use with traffic exchange programs. I know how to do that. Basically it's done by making the button action send an email to my autoresponder from the visitor's email program.

Here's my problem. I don't want to just send an email. I want the subscriber to automatically go to my thank-you-for subscribing page where I can tell him to watch for the confirmation email and also where I can get a count of the number of people who subscribed from that particular landing page.

Is there a way to make the button do both of those things? Or I could have the button just send the subscriber to the thank-you page if I could make it so that page automatically activates the visitors email program. Perhaps there could be a JavaScript script that activates the visitor's email program when the page opens.

Any information on this would be appreciated.

I suspect that I'll get more subscribers when there's an option to subscribe by simply clicking on a button rather than having to type into a form. I realize that the autoresponder service doesn't get the subscriber's IP address when done that way, but that's okay with me.
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    I would recomend using getresponse or aweber
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      Shano, I don't know what you're using to get opt ins, whether your own
      script hosted on your server or a third party service, but if you haven't made
      that decision yet, go with a third party service such as Aweber or Get
      Response. Their form creation is very simple and all of this is taken care of
      for you.
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    I'm disappointed that nobody who knows how to do this saw the post. Thanks to those who did reply, but I'd rather that you read the whole question rather than give me an answer based on the headline alone. The subscription form provided by the autoresponder service has no relation whatsoever to my question. Besides, I can create better looking forms written in much cleaner HTML code than the forms provided by GetResponse and others.
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