I'm Stuck On 2 Dammit!

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hey there people.. After having ignored a lens of mine for really really really long, I've come to notice that it has been nicely sitting on page 2 of the msn search results. Basically, its number 12 in terms of rankings.

the keyword is the type which a good number of people search for as well. So can you guys help me out? Could you tell me a way to help me boost the rank up and onto page 1?

Thank You!
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    It needs more links back to it, so it will rise in the listings. Not sure how much you know...

    Getting links works in a number of ways from forum posts, posts on blogs, writing articles and submitting to directories and bookmarking.

    More important than that is finding ways to bring in more traffic independant of the search engine if possible. Because most of us, our listings on the search engines go up and down a bit.

    You can do this through forum posts, article writing and submission, bookmarking ...

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