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Hello there,

In addition to marketing my insights from God as a teaching/devotional material, I am also interested in marketing this very specific product. Well, actually 2.

I am friends with a young lady who has an exceptional talent for vocal arts. I think that with the right "discovery," she would have an EXCELLENT future in the Southern Gospel field, maybe also in the Contemporary Christian field. However, marketing her, at least in my opinion, would seem to be a big challenge. There are a few practical marketing things I can do, such as getting her at free events, churches, etc. But, I'd like to see if I can help "spread the sound" and get her out there. How can IM help me?

Also, along the same thread, I have a comedy monologue that I do. It's an old skit done from several years ago, and the copyright is up on it. I think that, with the modifications I have done, it would be a big hit. Again, I need to get the word out. Problem for me is, so far, I just have one sketch. The hope would be that once the right person could hear it, he could get me some more stuff, which, with my mannerisms and way of speaking, we could make it successful.

Any thoughts or ideas?


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    Just one comment...

    Concentrate on one thing and see it through... It sounds like you've a lot of ideas bubbling in the cauldron, but you'll end up with many half finished jobs if you keep coming up with new ideas and not seeing any of them through.

    Ideas are great, but they are only part of the equation - and actually the part of the equation that most entrepreneurs find really easy.

    Ideas + Focused Action = Goal Achievement.

    It's the action part of the equation that lets most entrepreneurs down online and offline...

    And I'm sorry to say that however many ideas you get from this forum, posting on it doesn't constitute action (unless it's part of a wider action plan for market research or to get JV's)

    Here's what I would do...

    Look over your ideas and rate them in order asking yourself questions like the ones below:

    1. which one is most likely to succeed.
    2. which one am I most passionate about
    3. which one do I have a strength in
    4. how much time and energy would I need to invest
    5. which one will be most fulfilling/ make the most money
    6. which one would I be most proud of

    Once you have done this, choose one of the embryonic ideas you've had and pull together an action plan to initially carry out some proper market research to find out if the idea really has legs...

    If it does... get some focused action going and run with it until it's implemented.

    Then move on to the next idea if you want to...

    I hope this helps.


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    Thanks for the reply. You're right. My mind works in many directions at once, all the time, and it's very hard for me to stay focused on one given task. I have a lot of fear that keeps me from following through with ideas. Well, subconscious fear.

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    I think your initial marketing ideas for the vocalist are good ones and fairly easy to implement. When you succeed in placing her at free concerts or events, etc., I would capture good quality photos and video that could be used/displayed online.

    You could then use the footage to promote her on a variety of social networking sites - especially ones targeted to music/new artists. You can probably find sites that are solely for Christian artists. If she's online, a wider audience could potentially experience her gift.

    The last thing I would do is pass out a small flyer at concerts/events (something inexpensive to print) to let interested people know where they can hear more...
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