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I am looking for work online. I've created 2 ebooks. I don't have a sales page or a landing page or any way to really market my reports. I've actually sold a few copies elsewhere and received good reviews...but I'm really struggling online right now. I have a 7 month old son and a girlfriend that needs my support. I feel like a failure right now. I will do just about any odd job online. I am not the best writer but I can research and write very comprehensive articles. I need to get something going quickly. I've fallen behind on my property taxes and a few bills. I'm in a mess right now.

I'm really trying to earn money everyday. It's just not working out for me. I'm trying myspace ads as well but im extremely low on funds. I cant just take my money and dump it into a ppc campaign like that. I hope someone understands me. Please.
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    I don't have any work for you, but it sounds like you need help selling what you've already done, based on the few sales/reviews you've gotten. I would really suggest you go to Dave Lovelace's website and check out his $7 video series at (It's not an affiliate link). He goes over some great basic ways to promote and sell affiliate products with article writing and blogging.

    I hope this helps...
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      Hey there,

      With your low budget, I'd test the waters at Ebay.... everyone that goes to Ebay is looking to buy something.

      Once you have enough money you must buy a domain, and sell the crap out of your ebooks!

      Good luck!
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    My advice would be to head over to and register an account. elance allows anyone to post a job and then people (like yourself) can bid for the work. It can be an easy way to generate small amounts of money quickly selling your skills.

    That would be the first move because you sound like you need cash quickly and this technique is immediate. Once you have a small amount of income flowing id move onto affiliate marketing using bum marketing methods (search the forum for all youll need to know)

    Good Luck!!!

    Puppets are people too

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    Go to freelance sites like elance and bid on projects there. With elance, you can bid on 3 projects free a month. To bid on more, you have to pay a monthly fee, I think it's 9.99 or something like that.

    Or if your ebooks are good, you may be able to find a jv. There is a jv folder here.

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      The very fact that you are here and asking questions means that you are NOT a failure!

      If you want to make money with your books there are a few things you will need:

      Domain - which you can get cheaply from

      Hosting - relaively cheap - I use Hostgator and I've heard that GoDaddy is good as well, although there's lots of other places.

      Landing page

      Opt-in form - to capture customer details. This can be obtained from Aweber who allow the first 30 days free.

      Once you have your domain (name relevant to what you are selling) and hosting you could set up Wordpress on it and fill it with content that you write.

      For a landing page I came across this site (not an affiliate link)
      Landing Page Tutorials and Case Studies | Copyblogger

      I love doing Google searches for 'Tutorial for ..... as you can find nearly anything you want.

      You could also do with some covers for your books.

      Domain and hosting are not all that expensive and they are well worth getting if you want to progress.

      As for the landing page and covers, maybe you could barter in the forum - offer to write x number of articles in return for ... whatever it is you require.

      Any testimonials you already have can be used on the landing page.

      Once you have these things then you can write and submit articles to the directories such as EzineArticles etc, there's plenty of lists of them in the forum if you do a search.

      It's not a quick fix but it can be done.

      In the meantime you can do what has already been suggested, while you are getting all this ready.

      Best wishes

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    I need to get articles written, if you can help. I am sending you a PM now...
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      Try marketing your books from free sites, like Squidoo, Blogs or Hubpages.

      You can do a paypal option which won't cost you anything and any sales you do make will be money in your pocket.

      Making the first money is the hard bit. After that it gets easier
      Never undersell yourself - SEO is a skill clients are prepared to pay big money for
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    What are your 2 books about? And how many pages are they?
    If you serve a hungry market, you could at least promote them in a forum relevant to your niche.
    But you will need a salespage etc., like Mary mentioned.
    And an ecover is essential for it to convert.

    Anyways, it would help a lot if you answered my 2 questions. That way we could best determine the price and how to promote them.
    - Preben

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    You are not as down as you see yourself to be.

    The very first solution to this problem is inside you, repair the way you see yourself, change your attitude and vision about you.

    If you see opportunities you will experience them, if you see failure you will experience one, so be careful what you see about yourself.

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