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by R.Rapp
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Hi all,

I have been looking around, trying to find the perfect theme for my upcoming blog. I have read a lot of good things about Thesis - and I like a lot of what it offers, but as I looked into it more, it seems like if you want to do anything with this theme to make your blog more unique - even changing the header you have to learn all these insane php "hook" codes. Sorry, what? Maybe I am confused here but I want to buy a nice theme because - I don't know how to code...so why on earth would I want to spend 87 bucks on something I am going to have to learn PHP for? Really? Am I just misunderstanding something? This is entirely possible...

Does anyone have any good suggestions for a theme similar to thesis that doesn't require you to get in and mess with the PHP?
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  • It depends what you're doing, if you want to target loads of different niches and put up quick sites, find cheap WP themes. Woothemes.com are doing a 3-for-1 offer with any of their themes and they have some nice ones...

    They provide you with the .zip download, then if you use a hosting site such as godaddy they setup the wordpress account for you and all you have to do is login to the admin panel and upload the .zip file and presto, the theme is uploaded and you can edit stuff.

    If it's a blog you want to create a big readership for, promote yourself and provide services, I suggest looking into paying higher amounts for Wordpress theme development.

    Recent Clients

    These guys do good custom themes to suit your needs, they've helped top brands such as yahoo, myspace, click booth and some of the more reconisable bloggers such as John Chow, Ted Murphy and Zac Johnson. If you want to brand yourself I'd go with this guys, they also help with full intergration and give you SEO plugins along with it all plus logo designs and up to 4 Revisions.

    You can't go wrong
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      You can do a lot of things with thesis without php and hooks. It's certainly one of the best themes available.

      EMail their support with your question about the header and see what they have to say.

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    I tried Thesis...and tried, and tried, and tried. Once you get it and go to the forum you'll see a lot of other people in the same boat. I'm always up for learning new stuff (I'd be making a lot more money if it weren't for all the shiny new things I go off and learn ) but Thesis was just too much for me.

    It is great for someone who is comfortable with coding. I never got a Thesis site fully up and running the way I wanted, and I spent weeks on it. I have literally never spent as much time studying one thing as I did Thesis (I'm typically an incredibly fast learner) and I still can't get a site up with it. It took hours to figure out how to put up a header; hours for something so basic that usually takes maybe 5 minutes. Who isn't going to want to change the header? I'm not a coder by any means, but I'm comfortable enough to look at some code and figure out what I need or what I need to change.

    It is a great theme, but when I bought it I felt like it was being marketed as an easy theme to learn to use and I feel that is incredibly misleading. Is it easier than opening up a notepad and starting to type code? Yes, most definitely. Beyond that though I'd have to say it is the hardest way possible to put up a WP site.

    I'm probably just more stupid than the average warrior, but maybe my experience will be helpful to you since I know most people probably won't want to come on here and say, "Yeah, I was too stupid to figure Thesis out," especially when so many people on here tout it as this really easy theme to use.
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  • For me it's just too basic, and generic, and everyone likes it... perfect for buying then using to setup loads of other little niche sites. But then the theme Fresh News is equally as good from Woothemes, sample is at KetSangTai.com - Network Marketing Tips, Personal Development and Life . Personally if it's a blog branding you or a product that you want to build long term with I still most recommend having it out sourced and created by the company mentioned above as they know what their doing and can cater to unique needs.
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    Thank you all for your advice! I will be avoiding thesis for now. I also don't like how there is no contact information on their site (that I could find). I will check out these suggestions, thanks again.
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    PM avenue girl for her aff link to headway (I think it is called)
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    I have to agree with DogScout, Headway is definitely the way to go. I absolutely love it! Very simple to use, but also has the versatility if you want to do more with it. If you want more info about Headway, don't hesitate to ask. Ever since I bought it, it's the only theme I use.
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      Originally Posted by n00b View Post

      I have to agree with DogScout, Headway is definitely the way to go. I absolutely love it! Very simple to use, but also has the versatility if you want to do more with it. If you want more info about Headway, don't hesitate to ask. Ever since I bought it, it's the only theme I use.
      How good is the Headway theme when it comes to SEO?
      Do your Headway theme websites have good rankings on search engines?

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    Wow that looks great, thanks Dogscout!

    Hrm, I tried PMing Avenue Girl but it said that name doesn't exit. I will look around for her.
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