Follow Up Marketing - What Do You Struggle With in Your Business?

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Hi there ;-) I'm new to the Warrior Forum and I would like to make my intro by asking a few questions, and based upon the answers - Help you out!

This pertains directly to Follow Up Marketing which means actions like Follow Up Sequences, Autoresponders, Shopping Carts, List Communication, Keeping in Touch, Continuing the Conversation After Meeting at an Event, JV Communications, and essentially Following Up with All of your Prospects and Clients!

After working with Infusionsoft for some time now and investing counless hours into relationships and communication applied to business online, I have created some strategies to increase effctive and consistent follow up.

A little proof for the curious:

After moving to AZ and not knowing anyone-in just 6 months time-I had personally met 672 people, followed up with all of them consistently and eventually turned some of them into clients. I am still in touch with them today and when the time comes that they need my service, they call me first.

Recent example: I attended Eben Pagan's Guru Mastermind event in LA. I met 97 people over 5 days, followed up personally with everyone, and am still in close contact with them all. I also made some amazing friends and have some debauchery with some top industry names caught on Flip cam lol :-P (Don't worry guys, the content is safe with me!)

The whole point of this is that I learned something from Eben at his event...

The best way to help somebody is to simply ASK what they need and not to assume what their issues or challenges are.

So here I am, asking you: What are you challenges with Following Up?

I'm not selling anything here - Just a simple offering of value to those who agree that Follow Up is a key area to solidify and preferably automate for most Internet Marketers.

Please let me know either on this thread, or if you prefer not to disclose publicly, email me at FollowUpMaster @

I appreciate your thoughts and participation on this subject, and I look forward to helping you out!

To Your Continued Success,

Caleb Jennings
"The Follow Up Master"
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    Hi Caleb

    I use Infusionsoft and the question I would like to know is what is the best follow up following a face to face meeting?

    I have used many methods of online and offline ads but I am always a bit stuck on "Hi we met last night at the Jerfry Archer Lecture..."
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