Why Not Publish Your Articles Directly into Ezines!?!?

by Phil Jacobson 3 replies
I am wondering how many people attempt to publish their articles directly into Ezines.

Speaking as a relative novice here who has only a handful of articles in directories, I am wondering if this is not a better way to go.

It is my goal to become an expert in the field of Ezine Marketing. I know this will take time. But I'm guessing that it is important to be good at one particular thing at first. I still have a long way to go.

Anyone with experience?

Drawbacks of Submitting your quality material to directories like Ezine Articles.

* People take your content and leave out the resource box.
* Your article doesn't stick around on the top of search engines for long.
* It's hard to find a targeted audience.
* ____________________ (any others?)

In my limited research so far, I am beginning to think that it would be much better to get your articles published directly into Ezines.

Potential Benefits of Directly offering Articles to Publishers of Ezines

* You can choose the ezine.
* Easier to target your audience
* You can check that it was published.
* You can do it for free in most cases.
* You can make sure your resource box is included.
* Often you can still get organic traffic if the ezine is indexed on the publishers site.

I am seeing these threads like "I wrote 150 articles in one hour" (slight exaggeration) and a heck of a lot of stuff about article marketing, spinning. It kind of goes against the grain a little.

I've just printed off a list of over 100 ezines with contact details of publishers who accept articles and I've decided to make this my "All Consuming Marketing Approach" until further notice.

Like some advice I got from a wise warrior "Make Relationships". So I am going to call them directly and ask what kind of articles they may need and see if I can slowly develop some rapport with the publishers. What do you think???

I would be interested in promoting other high quality IM products using this approach once I have established that it works (PM me if you are interested in sharing your product (I'm not looking for a free copy BTW as I have too much stuff to read as it is!!)


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    sub to ezine would be great. the only thing is that after the publication, it is out of circulation.

    maybe 1st sub it to ezines, and to dir's after publication. that way you recycle it, 'cause it will stick around the dir's. and the more numbers you build in dir's, the more people will notice YOU.

    i am currently actually searching for related ezines in my niche....
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      Originally Posted by grumpyjacksa View Post

      i am currently actually searching for related ezines in my niche....
      I can take a look at the directory that I have access to to see if there are any ezines that might match your offer. Just let me know.


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    Why not do both? Submit to directories and specific ezines.

    Regarding your points, how would an article in an ezine rank in the search engines? And couldn't someone steal your article from an ezine just as they could from the web?
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