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Hi guys, firstly I want to thank everyone who gave me great advice last time. I'm ready to start IM after some research into the options. Reading the threads on the forum it sounds like all of you have super computers. All I have is a Dell home PC which is about 4 years old. Do I need anything else regarding hardware? Can you please advise me before I start.

Kind regards. Dherm
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    hahaha you don't need a "super computer" to be successful in internet marketing, but it sure makes tasks go faster.

    Go with what you have and when you have enough money, upgrade.

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    No you don't have nothing more.
    You just need browser and internet.
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    The age of your computer is not nearly as important as your desire to succeed. I have a couple close friends who had very old laptops, and started an empire with nothing but hard work, these 2 old laptops, and the knowledge that someday they would be successful.

    As many before me have said, "Take Action!"

    Best of luck on your journey

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    You definitely don't need anything more than what you already have. At first, you probably won't need to install lots of software, etc., so you should be just fine!

    Just jump in!
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    A fast connection wouldn't hurt. Plus maybe at least 2gig of RAM and 160gigs of HD space for all the awesomeness that you're going to put.
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