What is the hardest for You, TRAFFIC or CONVERSIONS?

by raj5
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hey warriors,

I personally think conversions are alot harder to achieve than traffic.

Post your views below.

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    Conversions are always going to be harder. If you don't have any traffic, you can't get any conversions.
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    Conversions are quick to track, like you use a software and split test on which landing page is converting better or you refer to proven converting pages.

    However, for traffic you need to figure out the strategy.
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      Without a doubt, for us, it's traffic. Conversions are actually very high.
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    If I could have a steady stream of traffic for free, but had to work for conversions, I'd take that over the reverse any day of the week. Conversions are just a matter of testing, mutating, and continually picking the winners. It's easier to get your arms around.
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    depends on what industry you are in and the quality of your traffic.. there are cheap and easy traffic out there.. check out another thread here, this guy runs a fiction website, and get a lot of traffic, but can not monetize... but I have to say.. getting traffic is top priority for any business
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    For me it's traffic.

    George Wright
    "The first chapter sells the book; the last chapter sells the next book." Mickey Spillane
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    The targetted traffic is always harder for me to get. Conversions I can do rather well I'd like to think.
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    I get lots of traffic but conversions not so great at least on this particular site but all you can do is figure it out till it works.

    "As a man thinks in his heart so is he-Proverbs 23:7"

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    I'm paying for traffic these days, so it's easier.
    But conversions? *sigh*
    not happening
    Don't sweat the small stuff :)
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    I think both are difficult (but of course easy when you know how ), but you need a plan for both.

    For me, I have over 20k visitors a month to my ecommerce site with minimal advertising, but less than a 1% visitor to purchase ratio.. so I think conversion begins even before the click (with the traffic source).. and the proper keyword research / text being displayed in the SERP results. And this is with an easy "guest checkout", smooth scrolling fields only shown when necessary, option to register AFTER the purchase, etc... so it seems like endless split testing is the only way to improve conversion. I would "assume" when selling a single info product it may be easier to test conversion since you may have more limited variables to deal with.

    With traffic generation - just sticking to a few things and mastering them can bring enough targeted traffic to test your conversion funnel.
    eCommerce Warriors
    Helping Magento Retailers Increase Conversions
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    Traffic. If I have the traffic, I can play around to convert. If I have no traffic, then I cannot play. If it converts poor, I may attract tons of traffic, and become wealthy no matter the poor conversion. So, traffic is the most important part.
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    Conversions. But, you gotta have the traffic first. Then you can test conversions.
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