I need a Good Quality Inhouse Autoresponder!!

by bjornbrands 11 replies
Hi warriors,

I'm looking around for a good quality inhouse autoresponder. On the forum here people were talking about Autoresponder Plus. I have read a lot of possitive reactions about there software. Does anybody have any experiance with Mailloop?

Can anybody tell me the difference between Autoresponder plus and Mailloop, because autoresponder plus is only half the money you have to pay for mailloop?

Do you know any other good inhouse autoresponder software?

Your opinion please!!!!!!!

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    Without a doubt, you will want to go with Autoresponse Plus, if you're looking
    to host your own autoresponder on your server.

    Mailloop runs on YOUR computer, which means you have to leave your
    computer on 24/7, and it's not a viable solution because of this reason.
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    Run towards ARP3 and run away from Mailoop!

    ARP3 is up to date and well supported and the
    other one isn't.

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    I once bought mailloop and refunded, not a bad software but like CarlosGarcia said, you don't want your computer to open 24/7, plus some support issues...

    I originally use Aweber, and can't deny the deliver rate is the best! But once I ask them to help me check for some small issues, they throw around the email and 3 days doesn't solve it, I quite their service, despite the good derivability.

    Now I am using Autoresponse plus, so far so good, just beware some of the free mail services might send your mail to spam folder.

    I contacted autoresponse plus support, and apparently I think my setup is not "perfect".

    I would only recommend you buy autoresponse plus if:
    You have a dedicated server or vps hosting, else you should use getresponse.com or aweber (I don't like them, but they are good!).
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    What hosts are you guys using with ARP?

    I've looked into it before but that has always been my concern...with the size of my lists, spam complaints happen and you need a good host that will work with you on that front.
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        Originally Posted by BIG Mike View Post

        Think dedicated server - I've got my own custom system and never had a problem.
        Ya, I'm wondering which company...I run multiple dedicateds now for my sites but your host will still care if they're getting complaints to their abuse department.

        It's not that I get any more than normal, but some hosts are insane about them and shut you down after one.
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    I'm tyre kicking Autoresponse Plus at the moment and loving it

    This is from someone who has always advocated 3rd party autoresponders

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      If you want something to compare ARP to, take a look at ListMail Pro. I've been using it for several years, and been quite satisfied.
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        So is it better to get a seperate dedicated server for my autoresponder?
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