[Question About Adsense] Where did they come?

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Dear Warriors,

it's been quite a long time since I log in to my adsense account.
About 2-3 months ago, last time I check it was around $20.. Well, it's normal, considering I don't put much effort on it, lol. So I was ignoring adsense since then, and not doing anything to promote.

However, just today, I log in to my account, and my earnings until today is $140!
Waaww.. I know some of you guys here are earning thousand times than that, but it really surprise me that I actually do nothing but the earning has grow.. I don't even remember where did I put my adsense ads??

So, my question is :
Are there any way to find out where are those clicks coming from??
I'm really curious to find out..

Any kind of help would be really appriciated

Oki Trice
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