Be careful who you listen to

by Scott Ames 7 replies
I just got an email from someone promising to coach me how to make $100,000 a month. The price? Free, well, just $97 for some materials, but free because we would share the wealth to a point.

It sounded so good. The letter was well written. I'm sure many will take the offer. Who doesn't want $100,000 a month?

Doing some research I found that this person as recent as March 2008 had posted on a forum that they "didn't find much success yet and had a regular job as an electrician" WHAT? That means this person never made $100,000 a month, probably never made $100,000 total yet.

If John Reese or Frank Kern or Eben Pagan or Mike Filsaime had the same offer it would be credible, but not this guy. Do check out wild claims before you buy or worse spend your time and effort working on something that has no future.
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    Hi Scott

    How true - I think many people only see the $$$$ in front of their eyes and common sense goes out the window.

    It can be so easy to be taken in especially if someone sounds really convincing, so yes, buyer beware!

    Best wishes

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        Originally Posted by BIG Mike View Post

        Hehehehe - I got a similar one not long ago from some blowhard who, "Researched Incansoft" and could show me how to "achieve sales in excess of $10K a month".

        When I replied that I couldn't afford to reduce sales to such a low amount, he never responded.
        lol Classic!

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      What does that mean?

      I don't know...

      What did I say that...

      I didn't want to say "Mee too"

      (: (:
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        Very true - and I'm often surprised at the number of people who will buy into this type of "offer" without checking closely to see who are they are buying from and exactly what they are buying.

        Logically, most people know it's unlikely to jump to $100k a month quickly with a $97 "product". Then reality is suspended as they think "but what if it works?". Some will convince themselves that $97 is a small price to pay to see if they can get to over a million a year quickly and easily. That transposes into "what do I have to lose"?

        That last question never gets answered - you lose time, money, and perhaps most importantly you can lose hope chasing this type of "opportunity".

        What I've noticed is that these offers often contain testimonials from people telling you how great an idea it is - how well the package is put together, etc. Where are the testimonials that say "I earned $100k last month using this....."? Some of these offers run month after month - where are the success stories? Could it be (gasp) there are none?


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