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Hi Warriors.

So it's been a month and 3 weeks since I launched my website (selling music instrumentals), and I need some feedback on where I stand. Here are the numbers so far:

Start Date: 08/08/08
Website: Beats Online | Free Rap Instrumentals | R&B Beats | Open Minds Entertainment
Unique Visitors/day Average: approx. 100
Instrumentals Sold: 30
Profit Earned:
Mailing List Subscribers: 205

I am pretty satisfied so far and I am optimistic in the potential of the site, but my reason for this post is to emphasize my marketing inconsistency.

I know the basics about what it takes to market a product. I've optimized the site for my keywords, set up a blog (The Beat Talk) and submitted my articles at ezine, have been adding friends on social networking sites, have a nice little mailing list going, have submitted videos to all the sites etc.....but I honestly hate marketing. I look at it as a chore...drudgery. It depresses me and takes away from my time making music. Not to mention the fact that my mood changes a lot, and I will be greatly optimistic one minute and depressed the next.

I guess what I'm asking here is....who should I turn to to outsource some of my marketing? Is setting up an affiliate campaign a reasonable option in my niche? How about joint ventures....would anyone be interested?


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    Pretty sure most people don't actually "love" the marketing efforts that are needed to make money from their websites.

    I wouldn't go so far as to calls it as a chore though. After all, it is making you money.

    I found that once my sites were established I was doing even more of the marketing work than before, as I wanted to maintain a certain level for my work.

    Yes, it does take time, but it's nice when the checks start arriving...
    Never undersell yourself - SEO is a skill clients are prepared to pay big money for
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    You have wonderful products, a good website and from all indications you are really doing well.

    The continuity of this success story is directly linked to a good marketing effort, you may need to create an affiliate program to bring in professional marketers who will take your business to the next level.

    For now going into partnership with a marketing guru is not a bad idea.

    Wishing you continued success.

    Learn everything you should about affiliate marketing at

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    Thanks for the replies, Paxton and Success Galore.

    You are definitely right Paxton, I shouldn't call it a chore as it has been making me money and is the only way to earn me a living off of my products.

    Success Galore: Thanks for your kind words. How do I find an Internet Marketing Guru to form a partnership with?

    Thanks Again,

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