Local Search vs Yellow Pages - What do you use?

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Just wondering what you guys use when searching for local businesses? Do you use google search or do you use your printed business phone directory (yellow pages).

I am trying to convince some of my friends that are in business to optimize their websites for the local search terms.

Since they are paying around $15,000 a year for a quarter page ad in the yellow pages, i think seo is a great idea since local search terms are a piece of piss to rank for.

I heard a while back that 6 out of 10 people search the web first before using a phone directory. Just want to see if this is correct.

So what do you guys think?
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    In my retail business we ask each new customer if they heard about us through the Yellow Pages, or from a friend, or from the web, or from a direct mail piece we sent out, and we add that information to the customer's data in the computer.

    The Yellow Pages used to work really well bringing 8 to 10 times its cost each month.

    About 3 or 4 years ago I noticed that starting to slip, and we were getting more new customers from the website. By a year ago now the expensive Yellow Pages advertising was doing a little more than breaking even.

    My phone bill was running $1800 per month with only $200 being for the phone lines, and the rest for the Yellow Pages.

    This year I dropped the Yellow Pages down to a simple listing, and customers are coming from the website.

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    Learn everything you can about yellow pages advertising and marketing, negative and positive to help convince businesses about optimizing their websites for the local search terms.

    Just review the many local directory business ideas and threads on local in general throughout the warrior forum...

    Dick Larkin's the go to guy for an education all about yellow pages. Definitely start thinking about developing your own Local yellow page directory concepts as there are thousands upon thousands of dollars of advertising revenues that will continue to be up for grabs! Yellow pages online doesn't seem to be doing that great in retaining their current customer base and revenues, so the door is wide open for smart, innovative and creative businesses to steal a nice chunk of their revenues...

    Dick Larkin's...
    A Yellow Pages Commando - Advertising tips, tools, information for local businesses reaching local customers

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    Thanks Don, thats some great proof to have to prove to my friends that its worth optimizing their websites.

    Thanx also Dave and Sarah
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